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When it comes to this here tag of Funny Tweets, it consists of any attempt on Twitter at comedy, without the necessary qualifier of succeeding. We also keep a list of top funny tweets that might be more along the lines of what you're looking for if you want actual funny tweets.

twitter thread about a cat trying to grab a cat gif off someone's computer | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat pawing at a monitor with a cat picture on it and one tweet 'Product - pickle queen @hannahfps my mom actually sat and filmed her doin this to my monitor ... HELLO?? 0:07 910.3K views 834055 12:23 AM - Jan 29, 2023 - 2.4M Views 7,580 Retweets 298 Quote Tweets 104.2K Likes SUDO a ...'

Cat Vigorously Tries To Grab Moving Cat Gif From Straight From A Person's Monitor, Mom Films It (Viral Twitter Thread)

'Typical orange cat behavior'
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52 tweets of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - Chad K @thegroovylion . 9h Replying to @literallymecats' and 'Cat - @MarwaBalkar. Jan 29 Marwa Replying to @literallymecats Sochi pie :'

50+ Randos Tweet Pictures Of Their Purrfectly Fabulous Felines In Viral Thread Making The Internet Go Wild For These Cute Cat Pics

We only love one thing more than cat pics... Spoiler, it's posting pictures of our cat!
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32 cat tweets | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - Curious Zelda @CuriousZelda My humans are here They looking tired They need to sleep But I am WIRED >' and 'Cat - Curious Zelda @CuriousZelda Dec 22, 2022 saw the void It never ends I looked too long And now 5 58 we're friends :'

Adorably Shook Cat Gazes Into Oblivion, Returns With Hilarious Poetic Whiskers From Beyond

We love them the most Zelda's big, beautiful eyes Read this post For a funny surprise
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twitter thread about a cat sitting on someone's keyboard and causing problems | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Jeremy Gibbs @jeremy_gibbs I spent all night convinced that my MacBook Air had a hardware failure-random text entry, clicking led to weird behavior, etc. I read console logs, booted into safe mode, performed hardware diagnostics. It turns out my cat was sitting on the wireless keyboard in the other room. 7:25 AM. Jan 24, '

Man Thinks His MacBook Broke, Finds Out His Cat Was Sitting On His Wireless Keyboard In The Other Room (Twitter Thread)

It's always the cat smh
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twitter thread about a cat getting more affectionate with a pregnant woman | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Keke Palmer @KekePalmer My cat Jackie can tell there is a baby coming. Idk how, but she has never ever been so clingy. Like EVER. Now she is climbing on top of me to cuddle. She's going to be devastated. Any tips? 10:15 PM - Jan 18, 2023 - 9.8M Views 2,229 Retweets 555 Quote Tweets 123.5K Likes'

Cat Suddenly Becomes Incredibly Clingy Toward Her Pregnant Owner, The Internet Reacts (Viral Twitter Thread)

Keke Palmer understands us.
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twitter thread about a woman thinking that something is wrong with her neighbor who is simply talking to her cat | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Karen González @_karenjgonzalez It finally happened. My neighbor approached me in the hall because she's concerned my boyfriend is abusive. I let her know that when she hears me say, "Stop it, Oscar! That hurts!" I'm actually talking to my cat. I have an abusive cat. 4:15 PM - Jan 21, 2023 from Baltimore, MD - 403.8K Views'

Neighbor Thinks Woman Is In Danger When In Fact She's Simply Yelling At Her Jerk Cat (Viral Twitter Thread)

It does look kinda weird from the outside, doesn't it?
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twitter thread about cats causing trouble | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Premee Mohamed @premeesaurus having a cat is great. every day i'm like 'how did i live life before this.' i mean yes the crime rate in my house is up like 40,000% percent. but. worth it for the new experiences every day with this guy. 6:44 PM - Jan 17, 2023 - 1.1M Views 8,197 Retweets 262 Quote Tweets 44.9K Likes'

Twitter Thread: The Funniest 'Crimes' Committed By Cats Who Are Total Hooligans

Living with tiny criminals.
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twitter thread about the Dallas zoo losing a clouded leopard | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Dallas Zoo @DallasZoo The Zoo is closed today due to a serious situation. 6:20 PM - Jan 13, 2023 - 42M Views 11.7K Retweets 5,999 Quote Tweets 198.1K Likes'

Zoo Announces That They Lost A Clouded Leopard In The Funniest Way, The Internet Reacts (Viral Thread With A Happy Ending)

Don't worry, there's a happy ending
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AITA tweets from the perspective of cats | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - clip studio pain @freezydorito AITA? I always guard the bathroom when my roommate is using it to protect her from dangers (family tradition however she refuses to extend this courtesy to me when i use my bathroom at 3AM even when i scream for her. is she being unreasonable? i'm a cat if this is relevant 1:08 AM - Jan 7, 2023 - 1M Views ... 5,323 Retweets 89 Quote Tweets 48.2K Likes'

AITA Posts From The Perspective Of Cats For Cats Who Need A Little Extra Mental Support (Viral Twitter Thread)

They gotta know
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twitter thread about the Oklahoma Department Wildlife getting pissed at an employee writing 'your mother' under a cougar sighting report description | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation @OKWildlifeDept Whoever filled out a cougar sighting report and wrote "your mother" under the description drop your @ we just want to talk 5:39 PM - Jan 9, 2023 - 9.6M Views 24.1K Retweets 2,118 Quote Tweets 222.7K Likes'

Employee Writes 'Your Mother' Under A Cougar Sighting Report Description, Wildlife Conservation Gets Hilariously Pissed (Viral Twitter Thread)

'Just wanna talk' yeah, right.
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twitter thread about the reality of living with cats | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - they/themily @e_davishale cat ownership is hearing a single soft *clink* from across the house and yelling GET AWAY FROM THE BUTTER 7:41 PM - Jan 7, 2023 5.2M Views 17.4K Retweets 926 Quote Tweets 191.8K Likes'

Hissterical 'Cat Ownership is' Tweets Go Viral, Capturing The True Reality Of Having Cats

Cat ownership is... the best thing that has ever happened to us
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twitter thread about cats liking unexpected foods | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat eating a purple beet and one tweet 'Cat - Rev. Poppy Haze @poppy_haze every cat upon instantiation will spawn with one random non-meat food item it is obsessed with. There is no way to tell what this is until the day the cat will steal something off your plate like its life depended upon it Creature Tik Toks @CreatureTikToks - Dec 30, 2022 0:18 1.4M views 10:18 PM - Dec 30, 2022 J Tik Tok 5.4M'

Twitter Thread: Random Non-Meat Foods That Cats Are Obsessed With And Will Fight You For

They're fierce when it comes to their chosen food.
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twitter thread about a cat bringing a leaf to a shop owner in exchange for fish | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat holding a leaf in its teeth and one tweet 'Font - Justice @UnionRebelMs Seeing people come to buy fish and handing the owner, money, this cat went out and got a leaf to pay for her fish. On the first day, the owner of the shop thought this was very cute, so he gave her a small fish. Now everyday this cat comes in to buy a fish with a leaf. 5:01 AM - Jan 5, 2023'

Story About An Adorable Cat Who Brings A Leaf To A Shop Owner Every Day In Exchange For Fish Goes Viral (Twitter Thread)

Smart and precious.
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18 cat tweets weird faces | thumbnail left and right pictures of cats making weird faces

Twitter Users Post Pictures Of Their Cats Making Some Ridiculously Weird Faces And We Are Here For It

Weird as heck
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14 serious cat tweets | thumbnail left and right cats with serious faces "@michaelscat2 can yall post a photo of your cats serious face 😭"

Twitter Thread: Cat Owners Share Pictures Of Their Felines Looking Serious As Heck

Much serious, very frustration
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50 tweets of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - d: @ilovecats_98 "cats are not affectionate" The cats: :' and 'Property - Brianna Parkins @parkinsbrea What made this morning's trip to the bathroom interesting is that I don't actually own a cat. :'

2022 Wrap-Up: Best 50 Cat Tweets Of The Year

Did we top 2021???
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