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I’m taking a bath

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the eighth entry of meomoirs diary of a cat about the cat's reaction to a pregnant woman and a newborn baby thumbnail includes a picture of a cat near a pregnant woman's belly the name of the entry and a caption from it 'Cat - Meowmoirs: Welcoming the New Baby November 27, 2020 The litter may be small only one tiny human – but it PATHAS looks healthy and strong, and BURGER it's part of my family now.'

Meowmoirs: November 27, 2020 Welcoming the New Baby

A very weird baby human kitten overall...
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I thought I bought my wife a new chair for our anniversary. Smokey has different thoughts on who it was for.

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Sometimes you get lucky

cat that is eyeballing that fish left unattended at the table which seems just too good to be true, but that has never stopped this cat before
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And That Just The Problem With Cats

cat paw impression left in a ceramic bowl
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funny animal memes

20 Fresh Animal Memes That Will Fill You With Joy In The Next Few Minutes

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Jimmy meet world. World meet Jimmy.

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High 5

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photos of a cat and grandpa that are full of awww

Grand Papa: The Beautiful Relationship Between a Grandpa And His Cat

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Love this pic!

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a cat with a skull on its fur

Cat With Skull in His Fur Sparks Photoshop Battle

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Such joy

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They arrive in the night like precious thiefs

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Trapping a fly

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All eyes on us

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