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Tumblr: a magical website with the bizarre, the hilarious and the unexpected. Think you've seen it all? Think again. The best one-liners, random threads and weird thoughts are yet to be discovered. 

Hissterical feline fur baby tumblr posts exposed silly side cat | thumbnail includes two images one image shows a cat in a cat sized bathroom looking into the mirror above the sink ‘i gaze at the monster i have become’ ‘and i love her’, the other image shows a cat on its back with a toilet roll on each paw ‘halted, immobilized even’

18 Hissterical Feline Fur Baby Tumblr Posts Exposing The Silly Side Of Cats

Not that it needed too much exposing.
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stories of cats showing affection to their humans in small ways | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'I'm screaming??? So my cat knows I get upset when he steps on my paintings (not yelling or anything I think he just sees me spend hours trying to cover up what his paws do) in my "studio" which is a crammed small storage closet with painting all over the floor drying, so like I'm in there rn and I saw him try to get to point A to point b but it was impossible for him to jump over so'

Cute Stories Of Small And Gentle Things That Cats Do To Show Us That They Love Us

It's the little things
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funny and wholesome tumblr cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a cat hissing at a banana 'it cutegirlonline why he cry from banana' and a cat rubbing up against a bread maker 'unflatteringcatselfies This is Rico, and he suddenly loves my mom's bread machine for some reason. blubbernuggetss bread boy'

30 Hissterical Cat Memes To Remind You Why Feline Tumblr Is Such A Classic

Oh, the good ol' days
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tumblr thread about cats not understanding the concept of fairness | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'hotdrinks Follow I wish I could make cats understand the concept of fairness. Of hypocrisy. I wish next time Beatrice was eating I could stick my hand in her bowl and dig around and say "see? Not very nice is it?" And she would say "I understand now father you're right". But instead? Big fat paw in my soup #drinks talk tag #unfortunately shes very cute :/'

Concepts That We Wish Our Delinquent Cats Understood So Our Lives Could Be A Bit Less Hilariously Cat-astrophic

Do they not understand or do they not care - that's the question
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tumblr thread about cats behaving like Victorian children | thumbnail includes one tumblr post '7- luminarai Follow Oh nooo I hadn't noticed that my cat's automatic feeder was getting low on food so as usual she dashed off when she heard the machine start but I couldn't hear the usual sound of her food falling into the bowl so I went to look and my poor cat was just. Sitting there. Staring at her empty food bowl. Then for a second she glanced up at me then right back to her'

Accurate Memes And Posts Showing That Cats Do In Fact Talk Like Grumpy Victorian Children

It's accurate and you know it
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tumblr thread about a cat that doesn't speak getting rescued and having kittens | thumbnail includes a section from a tumblr thread 'sailorcuba Follow the purest form of serotonin is when a cat looks at u and u go like "what?" and it meows at u arborealgargoyle Follow like, that is a very unspecific response I still have no idea what you want but I applaud how adorably you meowed all the same, well done arborealgargoyle This post led me to reminisce on the nature of cat's meowing, and'

Tumblr Thread: Human Befriends A Cat That Doesn't Speak, And She Brings Them An Awwdorable Gift

Heartwarming and hilarious at the same time
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collection of cat tumblr posts | thumbnail includes a picture of a derpy cat 'Cat - this cat's name is Princess Monster Truck thank you' and a man holding a cat 'Carnivore - FER ISCALI ME 201 hcwell the highlight of my day was my teacher bringing his cat to school, and everytime he asked the class a question his cat would meow and he would accept it as an answer STRANGEBEAVER.Com'

20 Classic, Cute And Completely Chaotic Cat Tumblr Posts That Really Capture Why The Internet Is Still Obsessed With This Platform

Tumblr classics
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collection of funny tumblr posts | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - hoppers-eleven My neighbor is a hardcore drunk. Like, 9am and dude is drinking vodka, but he had a cat that's pretty much his honest to god caregiver because I have seen this cat visibly screaming at this man to keep him from hurting himself and sometimes when he hasn't been outside for a while, the cat will scream at my door until I go outside to knock on the door to check on him. Cats are literal angels.'

20 Classic, Cheerful And Completely Comical Cat Tumblr Posts From The Funniest Platform On The Web For Some Good Monday Morning Vibes

Tumblr goodies
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20 cat tumblr posts

A Wholesome Bowl of Cat-Themed Tumblr Gems That Purrfectly Encapsulate How Silly Our Whiskered Pals Are

Wholesome goodness, Tumblr edition
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tumblr thread about a cat mom adopting a lynx cub and raising it alongside her own kitten | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat mom licking a lynx and a lynx cub cuddling a ginger kitten 'Cat - ULTRA FACTS ultrafacts Follow A lynx at the Novosibirsk Zoo refused to feed its cub because it was the runt of the litter. To save the cub's life, a worker brought a domesticated cat that had recently given birth to kittens. As anticipated, the cat accepted the lynx as her own kitten'

Tumblr Thread: Momma Cat Adopts Lynx Cub And Raises It Alongside Her Kitten, Making An Unusual But Delightful Feisty Feline Family

'Never speak to me or my giant daughter who can tear your face off again'
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20 cat themed tumblr posts

Stupendous Series of 20 Hissterical Feline Posts From The Endless Depths Of Cat Tumblr

Tumblr goodies for the feline oriented soul
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tumblr thread about a cat who saved a freezing baby that was abandoned outside | thumbnail includes two pictures including a baby and a cat 'This baby was found with a bag containing baby food and diapers on a cold winter night... Masha the cat, saved the baby's life by curling around him and shielding him from below freezing temperatures.'

Heroic Cat Saves An Abandoned Freezing Baby, Curling Up Around Her For Warmth All Night And Screaming For Help (Tumblr Thread)

Remembering an icon - Masha the cat
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16 tumblr animal posts

15+ Hilarious Animal Posts Sourced Straight From The Silly Billy Depths Of Tumblr

The funnier the better
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40 cat tumblr posts

Silly Series of 20 Hissterical Feline Posts From The Endless Depths Of Cat Tumblr

Pure silliness, tumblr edition
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45 cat memes | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - thegestianpoet: she looks like the woman named margaret who sits in the front of the office and has a betty boop calendar and usually is a little stressed out because no one ever puts the outgoing mail in the right place and she's not really great with this whole "google docs" thing yet but she always remembers to fill up her candy jar with peanut m&ms in seasonal colors and when she finally retires this whole place will'

The Golden Age Of The Internet: 40+ Comical Cat Posts From Tumblr For A Meow-y Funny Walk Down Memory Lane

Hello, 2000s, nice to see you again
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35 cat memes | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Small animal food - cobas kendrug: dont tell me how to live my life' and 'Photograph - glitsyfit Purple glitsyfit Beauty hurts glitsyfit Fashion kitty 18,923 notes glitsyfit I'm beautiful carissasweird: My friend's 10 year old cousin has the most amazing instagram.'

30+ Funniest Vintage Cat-Themed Tumblr Posts For A Good Giggle Of Nostalgia For The Beginning Of The Work Week

Bring us back to the good old days
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