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Funny turtle memes that will make you come out of your shell a bit

15 Hilarious Turtle Memes

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tortoise Video wildlife turtle - 86060289

Coyote Peterson Breaks Down the Differences Between Turtles and Tortoises

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tortoise turtle Video - 382983

Curious Dog Learns Why You Shouldn't Get Too Close to a Tortoise

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ball fast tortoise Video playing - 378375

Adorable Tortoise Playing With a Ball Proves They're Actually Pretty Fast

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Oh, Like You've Never Seen a Shark-Tortoise Before?

tortoise in shark costume
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pumpkins zoo tortoise eating Video - 82898689

Watch These Galapagos Tortoises Nom on Some Tasty Pumpkins

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cake birthday zoo tortoise Video - 282119

Cerro the Galapagos Tortoise Celebrated His 50th Birthday With a Watermelon Cake

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sex news endangered species giant tortoise trending turtle Video - 82545409

Saved By Sex of the Day: Diego the Tortoise Probably Gets Laid More Than You Do

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news lost and found tortoise Video - 82208001

Touche the Tortoise Ran Away From Home to Fall in Love With a Drain Cover

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Kitten Manages to Sleep Through a Turtle Chomping on Her Jellybean Toes

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Tiny Tortoise Noms on Even Tinier Pancakes

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baby pizza tortoise turtle Video - 80894465

This Baby Tortoise Has Better Self Control Around Pizza Than Most Humans Do

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Quick! Get to the Mothership!

quick get to the mothership
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Is This Koopa Kid or Mini Bowser?

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You Were Warned

imposters will be nommed
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bath tortoise Video - 79127041

Jonathan, The Oldest Living Land Animal on Earth, Finally Takes a Bath

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