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Talented Cat Mommy Builds A DIY Aesthetic Cat Tree For Her Adorable Kitties, Goes Viral

Talented Cat Mommy Builds A DIY Aesthetic Cat Tree For Her Adorable Kitties, Goes Viral

One very cool cat mom created a mind-boggling cat tree for her kiddies that put the rest of us cat mom's to shame.
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17 screenshots from a Reddit thread where someone posted their angry cat post bath and funny comments | Thumbnail includes two photos of an angry tortoiseshell cat post bath 'I bathed my cat. Do you think I should run?'

Hooman Gives Cat A Bath And Now Has 7 Days To Vacate

It's over for you, hooman
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viral tweets about tortoises hibernating | thumbnail includes a picture of a tortoise and one tweet ''

Wholesome Tweets Of Pet Tortoises Hibernating In Different Places: Twitter Thread

Adorable tortoises and turtles.
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ASMR video of a turtle eating small fruits and vegetables | thumbnail includes a picture of a turtle standing in front of lined-up fruits and veggies

Itty Bitty Turtle Munching On Fruits And Veggies: Awwdorable ASMR (Video)

That strawberry was gone in two seconds.
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14 reddit text images askreddit | thumbnail blue background text "Fluffy_Carpenter1377 21 days ago A galapagos tortoise. Live a really long time on a nice little island sanctuary with warm year round temperatures, and a conservation crew there to make sure that I don't die if I do something stupid. It'd be nice just to see the people around me change get old die and a new set of people come in, I would literally be observing the passage of time for humans"

AskReddit: What Animal Would You Choose To Be Reincarnated As, List Of Most Unique Answers

What would you choose?
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a YouTube video of an 175 pound adorable pet tortoise | thumbnail includes two photos of the tortoise

Tiptoe The 175 Pound Tortoise Being Affectionate With His Humans (Video)

An adorable tortoise!
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12 videos and images of ethel tortoise from instagram | thumbnail left tortoise and couple witch costume, thumbnail right ethel tortoise

Ethel The Tortoise Charms Social Media With Her Fashionable Fits

That's one fashion conscious tortoise
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list about a cute giant tortoise on twitter | thumbnail includes a giant tortoise eating a pumpkin and the tweet "Happy #FirstDayofFall, Pals! In honor of this occasion, here's a picture of me with a pumpkin. Enjoy the season!"

Thoughts From Big Al The Giant Tortoise

What do tortoises even think about?? Let's find out
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2 videos of tortoise and scratching device | thumbnail tortoise using scratching device

Adorable Tortoise Loves Rubbing His Shell Against Homemade Scratching Devic

"Zo o keepers made a tortoise a homemade scratching station and an adorable video shows the creature wiggling while trying it out. Morgan Brem, a Dallas Zoo intern, created the scratching device for Sunny the radiated tortoise. Made from broom heads, it's perfect for the little animal to itch the impossible to reach spots on the top of its shell. The video shows Sunny wiggling its behind to scratch." This scratching station looks so adorably satisfying for Sunny. We love to see animals being ta…
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15 images of world record holder jonathan the tortoise | thumbnail left old picture of jonathan with other tortoise and men black and white, thumbnail right jonathan eating a snack

Meet The Oldest Known Land Animal Alive Today: Jonathan The Tortoise

190 Year Old Tortoise Holds World Record For Oldest Land Animal
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12 images of tortoises | thumbnail left police lifting tortoise into car, thumbnail right police lifting tortoise off ground

Giant Tortoise Apprehended By Local Police

Tortoise On The Run Does Not Make It Far Before Apprehension
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175 Pound TikTok Tortoise Tiptoe Gets A Yummy Feast Everyday| thumbnail text -  ok nandtiptoe TikTo @ caitlinandtipte

175 Pound TikTok Tortoise Tiptoe Gets A Yummy Feast Everyday

'175 pounds of good boy'
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pictures of white leopard tortoises thumbnail includes two pictures of a white leopard tortoise

Little-Known White Leopard Tortoises Appreciation

They. are. so. cool.
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Tortoise Fashion: When Your Grandma Got Too Much Time On Her Hands | turtles wearing knitted shell coverings shaped like a taco and like a cupcake with a candle stuck in it

Tortoise Fashion: When Your Grandma Got Too Much Time On Her Hands

Tortoise Fashion
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Women keeps pet turtle for 56 years | older woman sitting on the floor in a kitchen next to a turtle eating from a tray filled with fresh vegetables minnesota's own kare 11

Woman And Pet Tortoise Celebrate 56-Year Old Friendship

Women Keeps The Same Pet Tortoise For 56 Years
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tortoise galapagos hero species animals offsprings cool wow

100-Year-Old Tortoise Saves His Species By Fathering 800 Offsprings

Diego the 100-year-old tortoise single-handedly saves his species by fathering 800 offsprings
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