I Can Has Cheezburger?


Clark has Sour, uh I Mean Sweet, Grapes!

Babies tortoise cute - 8003837440
Created by munnit

I Chomp You, Flower!

tiny tortoise cute flowers food eating - 8002640896
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Love Can Blossom in the Most Peculiar Places

Babies hippos tortoise cute love - 8002614784
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A Look Into the Future

Babies old tortoise cute future young - 7996228864
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He Makes Everything in the Slow Cooker

cooking chef turtles slow tortoise dinner - 7989083392
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You Bore Me...

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This Camera is Permanently Set in Slow Motion

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Research Shows Turtles are Still Slower

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I'll Tear Any of You Soft, Juicy Berries Apart!

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Time Me!

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This Tortoise Needs a Typing Tutor

baby tortoise typing - 7877463552
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I Just Want one Bite!

gif tortoise bite - 7847863040
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We all Have Dreams

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attack tortoise fight Video - 55307777

They Thought They Were Fighting Over a Girl

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Can't Get Up

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