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reddit thread about people stealing other people's cats off the street | thumbnail includes a screenshot of one reddit post 'Font - Mystisc. Tuxedo • 6d Stop 'adopting' random cats Advice Lately I see a lot of posts of people saying they found a cat random on the street. Most of the cats look perfectly fine with a beautiful coat and obviously well fed. And the comments are bombarded with people saying they should keep the cat. NO! Stop 'adopting' random cats who obviously'

Redditor Argues That People Shouldn't 'Adopt' Random Cats Off The Street, The Internet Debates

What would you do?
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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about stray kitten rescued and adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures of -the kitten prior to care and after he was released from the incubator

Sick And Lonely Kitten Gets Rescued, Survives Against All The Odds, And Looking For Purrfect Forever Home

Tiny stray kitten severely underweight and suffering from infected eyes rescued and adopted.
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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about hotel living cat rescued and reunited with owner | thumbnail includes two pictures of cat after surgery and with original owner

Long-Lost Cat With Severely Broken Tail Rescued And Reunited With Family

Cat lost for over a year has severely broken tail but makes friends at local hotel in effort to get back home.
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video of cat watching human play stray cat video game | thumbnail cat in front of tv screen with stray

Cat Reacts To Watching Human Play 'Stray' Cat Video Game (Video)

2 player?
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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about a stray cat rescued no undergoing a battery of medical exams to get better | thumbnail includes two pictures of the extent of her injuries and how much she enjoys being cared for by humans

Concerned Citizen Brings A Sweet Injured Cat To Safety, Helping Her Persevere Despite Her Many Medical Issues

Stray cat with face and mouth sores rescued by concerned citizen. Local shelter finds more medial maladies, but donations are flooding in to cover cat care cost.
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video of the gameplay of the game stray | thumbnail includes one image of an animated cat next to a robot

Reaction And Review Of The Viral Video Game 'Stray': The Most Purrfect Cat Simulator Game Ever

We were hooked from the first minute.
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A YouTube video about a cat named Larry that was someone's neglected outdoor but was then adopted | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a cat being carried in a big plastic container

Outdoor Cat Uses Unconventional Methods To Force Hooman Into Adopting Him And Succeeds (Video)

He left her with no choice but to adopt him
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25 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people post photos of their rescued cats and their fancy names | Thumbnail includes a photo of an orange cat sleeping and stretching on a couch 'og owners be like this is Spike he's a purebred pedigree worth $13 000 and cat owners be like this is Lord Theodore Willis The Third he's orange and we found him in an alley'

From The Streets To Comfy Bed Sheets: 11 Adopted Streets Cats With Fancy Names And Lux Lives

It is what it is
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18 screenshots from a Reddit thread where someone posted about a stray cat coming to comfort them while they were crying in public | Thumbnail includes a photo of a cat on a human's lap 'Crying on a public bench and this angel comes to rescue'

Stray Cat Came To Comfort Someone That Was Crying In Public Proving That Cats Don't Lack Empathy

Cats are the kings and queens of empathy
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21 before and after photos of cats before and after they were adopted | Thumbnail includes a before photo of an injured orange kitten and an after photo of an orange cat laying on a blue blanket

Power Of Love: 21 Before And After Photos Of Cats That Went From The Streets To The Sheets (July 6, 2022)

Your daily reminder to adopt, not shop
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15 screenshots of a story about a man who thought he adopted a stray cat but the cat ended up having another owner | Thumbnail includes a photo of a black cat looking at the camera 'I took Tux to the vet to get his microchip placed (a requirement for the move) and when the vet scanned him they found he already had a microchip installed. I was stressed (at this stage I had had him for five years)'

After 5 Years Of Caring For A Rescued Senior 'Stray', Man Finds Out He Had An Owner All This Time

Plot twist
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A YouTube video about a man who feeds 100 stray cats every day | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a man feeding feral cats and a screenshot of stray cats sitting on the street

Super-Man Wakes Up At The Crack Of Dawn To Feed 100 Homeless Cats In Hawaii

Not all heroes wear capes
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Stray Kitten Goes to Great Lengths to Avoid Being Hand-Fed and Pampered for the Rest of His Life

The good life awaits you
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thread about a person helping a kitten and then the kitten bringing her whole family over | thumbnail includes two pictures including a black kitten and a bunch of kittens sitting on a driveway 'I went out, ready for work, when I saw a small calico under my car. It's about 100⁰F with high humidity, so I turned around to go get water for her. I saw this little cutie just hanging out under the bush by my feet DillPixels'

Person Helps Out One Kitten, Kitten Brings Her Whole Family Over And Chooses The Human For Herself

An awwdorable thread.
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One video of a cat and 9 Reddit text images with cat advice | thumbnail features two side by side images of the orange and brown and white cat from the first image in the list, overlaid text reads "How can I help socialize this girl?"

Fellow Rescuers Unite – Cat Folks Give Advice For Socializing Scared Strays

All It Takes Is A Little Patience
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4 TikTok videos of a man feeding cats using a remote control toy car | Thumbnail includes screenshots of a man placing cat food on a toy car, toy car approaching cats, and stray cats eating cat food from the toy car

Man Uses Remote Controlled Toy Car To Deliver Food To Stray Cats

5/5 delivery service
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