I Can Has Cheezburger?


22 pictures and stories of rescued cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of three cats laying on the floor and a picture of a black and white cat sitting on a blue couch with a yellow pillow behind it 'Black one: Adopted from my porch. Black and white one: Found on someone ELSE'S ... porch. Gray and white one: Past housemate just left her here. Together, they are conspiring against me lol Our most recent rescue, Pizza, was literally brought to our house by other neighborhood strays when he'

22 Rescue Stories About Abandoned Cats That Turned Things Around For Themselves And Got The Last Meow

There's hope
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A youtube video about two disabled cats which were adopted into one home and ended up falling in love | Thumbnail includes two pictures of a tabby cat and a black and white blind cat hugging and snuggling

Woman Adopts Two Disabled Cats On Two Separate Occasions, They End Up Being Each Other's Comfort Buddies (Video)

That's a little something we like to call destiny
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26 funny cat memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of a girl kneeling down to pet a grey and white cat and a picture of a wooden table with a variety of items placed on the edge of the table. Items include a bottle, scissors, a jar, lightbulb etc.

Cat Memes For People Who Go Out Of Their Way To Pet Every Cat On The Street (26 Memes)

A.k.a the real ones
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A Youtube video about the story of a feral cat that used to break into people's homes during winter but was then rescued by a human | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange cat peeping out from a cupboard and eating tuna from a plate on the carpet

Finn The Feral Cat Gets Rescued, Doesn't Have To Break Into People's Homes During Winter Anymore (Video)

Issa forever home type of thing
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video of a cat who has a crush on a dog and acts like a dog | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat running across an obstacle next to a woman and a cat giving a person its paw

Meet Nabi: The Cat Who Acts Like A Dog, Has A Crush On A Dog, And Does Dog Agility Races (Video)

Nabi is one special kitty.
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video of a homeless cat family reacting to a robot delivering them wet food | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat and a kitten suspiciously looking at a bowl of wet food that is perched on a robot

Befuddled Stray Cat Family Reacts To A Robot Delivering Fresh Wet Food For Them (Video)

We need more people like this <3
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16 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people shared photos, advice, and stories about how to get a scared cat to trust you | Thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten hiding behind a toilet and a picture of a black and white cat hiding behind a wall 'New baby is terrified. What can I do?'

Useful Thread For First Time Cat Owners: What To Do If Your Cat Is Terrified And Won't Come Out

How do you get a cat to trust you?
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A Youtube video about how a stray was rescued from the streets, had its front leg amputated, and now gets to cuddle with humans in handmade sweaters | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white feral cat sitting near a cage and a picture of a white and grey cat laying in a human's hand

Three-Legged Cat Gets Rescued From The Streets To Be Snuggled In Handmade Toasty Sweaters (Video)

It's what he deserves
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A Youtube video about a woman that rescued and adopted an abandoned, hungry cat from the park | Thumbnail includes a picture of a woman and a black ad white cat on top of her shoulder

Abandoned & Starving Cat Convinces Passerby Jogger To Take Him Home By Licking Her Entire Face (Video)

That's one way to do it
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video of man playing guitar in field with cats | thumbnail image of guy with guitar in field with cats

Cat Lover Plays Guitar And Sings Amongst A Swarm Of Adorable Stray Cats (Video)

Cuteness for days
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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about kitten given medical care and shows true personality | thumbnail includes two pictures of kitten being cute and wholesome

Very Shy Kitten Gets Rescued, And After Being Treated And Getting A Whole Lotta Love, Shows His True Purrsonality

This cat shows affectionate care can cause a change in personality.
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reddit thread about people stealing other people's cats off the street | thumbnail includes a screenshot of one reddit post 'Font - Mystisc. Tuxedo • 6d Stop 'adopting' random cats Advice Lately I see a lot of posts of people saying they found a cat random on the street. Most of the cats look perfectly fine with a beautiful coat and obviously well fed. And the comments are bombarded with people saying they should keep the cat. NO! Stop 'adopting' random cats who obviously'

Redditor Argues That People Shouldn't 'Adopt' Random Cats Off The Street, The Internet Debates

What would you do?
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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about stray kitten rescued and adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures of -the kitten prior to care and after he was released from the incubator

Sick And Lonely Kitten Gets Rescued, Survives Against All The Odds, And Looking For Purrfect Forever Home

Tiny stray kitten severely underweight and suffering from infected eyes rescued and adopted.
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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about hotel living cat rescued and reunited with owner | thumbnail includes two pictures of cat after surgery and with original owner

Long-Lost Cat With Severely Broken Tail Rescued And Reunited With Family

Cat lost for over a year has severely broken tail but makes friends at local hotel in effort to get back home.
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video of cat watching human play stray cat video game | thumbnail cat in front of tv screen with stray

Cat Reacts To Watching Human Play 'Stray' Cat Video Game (Video)

2 player?
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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about a stray cat rescued no undergoing a battery of medical exams to get better | thumbnail includes two pictures of the extent of her injuries and how much she enjoys being cared for by humans

Concerned Citizen Brings A Sweet Injured Cat To Safety, Helping Her Persevere Despite Her Many Medical Issues

Stray cat with face and mouth sores rescued by concerned citizen. Local shelter finds more medial maladies, but donations are flooding in to cover cat care cost.
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