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I'm Waiting to Pet, Guys

gifs seals critters - 8421067008


gifs seals critters sleepy - 8407615232
Created by anselmbe

Don't Worry Scientists

antarctica puns seals - 8327026688
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Ow, my Back!

gifs penguins seals critters - 8272769536
Created by cataff ( Via Youtube )

Welcome to My Island

cute seals - 8274948608
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The Seals are a Whole Different Breed

rescue funny seals - 8257814784
See all captions Created by LakeoftheHauntedCatship

Did You do That on Porpoise?

funny narwhal impressions seals - 8258781440
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These Hiccups are Putting Me on Edge

gifs seals - 8247874048
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This Joke Has a Seal of Approval

gifs jokes seals - 8234041088
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Playing in the Sand is Serious

cute sand seals - 8224662784
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Icebergs are Really Slow

annoying cars iceberg seals slow - 8220435968
See all captions Created by onefinekitty

Just Getting Some Shade on a Hot Day

Babies cute summer seals - 8219528960
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Little Fuzzy Flippers

Babies seals cute fuzzy - 8218126848
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cute friendship seals Video - 61307137

Aww! The Sea Lion is Worried About His New Friend!

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That's His Impression of a Barnacle

glass impression seals - 8198647040
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Thanks a Lot, Larry!

gifs seals jerk funny - 8185281536
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