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I Said Excuse Me!

annoyed funny rude seals - 8171681280
See all captions Created by thisisgonnawork

Welcome to My World, Human!

critters gifs pets seals - 8168250112

Their Standards are Pretty Low

couch puns seals - 8167035904
See all captions Created by roniharvey

Hiccuping Seal

gifs seals critters jumping - 8146080512
Created by anselmbe

That Fish is Not Fresh!

seals cute funny - 8150781696
Via zeewhiterussian

Can I Come Too?

gifs seals critters cute boats - 8118226944
Created by ToolBee

The Glacier is Long...

Music seals blubber puns - 8110935552
See all captions Created by echeg5

Why Can't You Go Any Faster?

turtles seals funny - 8104510976
Created by ani.s4 ( Via www.youtube.com )

Now I Can Finally Join the Circus!

bikes funny spelling seals - 8079778816

You Puddle Splashing Maniacs!

seals suit funny - 8074279936
See all captions Created by violetD

Seals...The Elephants of the Sea

friends zoo seals cute elephants - 8026547712

They Both Love to Bask!

Cats cute funny lookalike seals - 8021562624
Created by Hotrodbarbie

Mom! Can You Get Me a Towel!?

cute mom seals pups wet - 8019074560

This Pup Gets the Seal of Cuteness Approval

Babies pups seals cute - 7991308544
Created by allcatsloved

You Didn't Get the Seal of Approval

mistake puns seals - 7992915712
See all captions Created by jadzia23

I Thought You'd Never Ask!

Babies cute seals - 7990777344