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a compilation of sea otter awareness tweets and photos | thumbnail includes

12 Incredible Sea Otter Facts In Honor of Sea Otter Awareness Week

Here at ICanHas, we truly appreciate exactly how awwwdorable sea otters can be. Sea Otter Awareness Week may have recently ended, but we believe that these amazing otters are worth celebrating, and chuckling at, year round. These cute, cuddly otters are an incredibly smart species, and also pretty awwdorable if we do say so ourselves. Sometimes the best way to learn more about an interesting species like sea otters is to scroll through informative tweets full of fun facts, with some super cuteā€¦
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video of a baby seal confusing a photographer for its mother | thumbnail includes a picture of a baby seal

Noisy Baby Seal Mistakes Photographer For Her Mother (Video)

squeak squeak squeak
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compilation of baby seal pictures | thumbnail two pictures of baby seals side by side

Starting The Day With A Smile And Some Awwdorable Baby Seals

Compilation of Cute Baby Seal Pics In All Their Floofy Glory
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story about a seal that was rescued 4 times in 3 different countries thumbnail includes two pictures including a seal coming out of a carrier and a seal near the ocean

Adventurous Seal Rescued 4 Times In 3 Different Countries

Oh Freddie... when will you learn?
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photos of cute seals | cute baby seal looking at the viewer with its head tilted to the side | fuzzy white seal squinting one eye open at the camera

Seal Rescue Charity In Ireland Posts Photos Of The Cutest Sea Chonks

Photos of seals
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seals tweets funny dad

Dad Accidentally Lists Seals And Pups On Facebook Messenger

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seal pups river thames

Over 100 Seals Born In What Was Once Declared "Biologically Dead" River Thames

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happy banana pose seals

Twitter User Discovers This Seal Pose Is Called The "Happy Banana" And Now We Can't Unsee It

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seal baby

Baby Seals Are The Cutest Thing Ever And These Photos Are Here To Prove it

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antarctica facts interesting seals wildlife - 527878

10 Crazy And Strange Facts About Antarctica

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seals save cliff angry rescue - 7078661

A Fisherman Had To Be Rescued From a Cliff After Being Chased By a Colony Of Angry Seals

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seal seals surprise wildlife kayak - 1570053

Kayaker Gets the Seal of Approval When One Jumps Onto His Boat

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Belly Scratches

gifs seals critters - 8560413696
By Unknown
dock chase seals - 77512705

Get Off My Dock You Freeloaders!

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Budget Cuts

funny animal image of otter with water gun
Via shadowfogkiller
seals cute love Video - 75246081

Separated Seals in Love Catch Up Over Facetime

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