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So That's Why They Call it a Seal Pup...

cute Fluffy puppies seals - 7985065472
Created by DavidTheRed

For a Few Fish, I'll be Whatever You Need Me to Be

sea lions gifs seals fish funny - 7978824192
Created by ani.s4 ( Via www.vayagif.com )

So That's What the Blubber is For...

aquarium blubber glass funny seals - 7968818688

Impromptu Sun Block

sand seals sun squee - 7939727872
Created by sixonefive72

Soon, Seal...Soon...

clueless ice gifs polar bears seals SOON - 7930637568
Created by SarunaTheAwesomeDragon ( Via cdn.smosh.com )

I'm Just a Seal Pup

cute Fluffy seals squee - 7897996288

There's Snow on My Nose!

cute cold gifs snow seals - 7891051520

Seductive Seal Wants a Kiss

seals swimming kissing - 7884721152

Sealed with a Kiss from Mommy

pups seals cute squee - 7824465152
Created by sixonefive72

They Glide Through the Water like a Fat Bullet

seals cute - 7874532096
See all captions Created by turningstones

Seal Later

good day sir seals cute - 7847482880

This Rock has Really Bad Breath!

yikes teeth seals sharks - 7844772352
Created by Junggg

Lazy And Cute Seal

gifs seals critters cute - 7722707200

Seal Comes On Board Boat to Relax

gifs seals critters cute funny boats - 7558137088

Spinning Seal May Get Dizzy Eventually

gifs water seals critters - 7303259392
Via Vimeo

Dream Big and Fluffy

Fluffy seals cute - 6139631104
Created by SlightlySardonic