I Can Has Cheezburger?


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VIDEO: Meet Oliver, Otter and World-Class Artist

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No, That's How it Always Looks

art historic lols painting ugly - 5067829504
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Gotta Change It Up, Sometimes

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Now You're Getting it!

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Art Model Kitteh...gettin' tired!

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acting like animals critique FAIL guinea pig guinea pigs impolite insult mistake oops painting portrait realization resemblance - 5185389824
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7 Days in a Week. 7 Colors in a Rainbow. Coincidence? I Think Not.

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High five

caption captioned cat Cats high five painting reaching - 4943929600
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Abtstrcat kitteh

abstract art artist by caption captioned cat painting picasso pun puns - 3994235904
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Painting my claws

best of the week Blood caption captioned cat claws colors covered explanation Hall of Fame painting reason revenge threat waste - 4709861888
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