I Can Has Cheezburger?


collection of pictures of dogs smiling | thumbnail two pictures of dogs smiling

Smiling Doggos Everyone Can't Help But Smiling Back At

Cuteness Galore
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tumblr thread about crocodile dads carrying their babies | thumbnail includes a picture of a crocodile carrying many crocodile babies and a section of a tumblr post 'Water - kaijutegu Follow Everyone in the notes is saying mama, but that's dad. See the lump on his nose? Only males have those. It's actually where they got their name; the lumps tend to resemble earthenware cooking pots called ghara. What we're seeing here is a really good dad. This is par for the course for gharials, though-'

Tumblr Thread: Crocodile Dads Are The Best

Unexpectedly wholesome <3
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pictures of cats and their kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures including kittens with their mom and a whole bunch of cats on a latter

Purrfect Pictures Of Happy Cat Families

Nothing but love and affection <3
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pictures of cats being friends with other animals | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat and a dog chilling together in a car and another of a duckling lying on a cat

Wholesome Pics Of Cats Befriending Other Animals

Not ALL cats are antisocial <3
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pictures of animals with babies | thumbnail includes two pictures including a newborn baby with a kitten and a baby lying on a giant dog

15 Darling Photos of Babies With Animals

Only love right from the get go <3
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pictures of wolves being affectionate and goofy | thumbnail includes two pictures including two white wolves touching noses and another of a wolf placing its head on a smiling wolf

Big Bad Wolves Being Their Affectionate Goofball Selves

Just like overgrown puppies.
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pictures of animals hugging each other | thumbnail includes two pictures including two dogs hugging and a raccoon hugging a dog

Animals Hugging Each Other Reminding Of The Good In The World

Right when you need a little extra love <3
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Facebook comments about cats showing affection to their humans in funny ways thumbnail includes two Facebook comments 'Rectangle - Holly Rider An old cat of mine would put his favorite toy of his in my purse occasionally to take to work with me. ODE 47 Like · Reply Message 2d' and 'Font - Heather Race My cat piles nerf darts outside of my bedroom door every night. It's better than the birds and mice my childhood cat left on my pillow. 53 Like · Reply · Message · 2d'

Cats Showing Kindness To Their Humans In Funny Ways (Facebook Comments)

And people say cats are cold...
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video of a two-year-old girl convincing her mom to adopt a deaf puppy thumbnail includes a picture of a young girl petting a white puppy that's sitting in someone's backpack

2-Year-Old Girl Convinces Mom To Adopt Awwdorable Deaf Puppy (Video)

"The girl who can’t stop talking, and the guy who can’t hear anything" <3
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video of a person trying to nap with an overprotective husky thumbnail includes a picture of a human and a husky lying together with the husky's chin on the human's head

Trying To Nap With An Overprotective Husky (Video)

The biggest fluffiest pillow.
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video of an abandoned kitten getting rescued and finding a family thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten with two casts standing on two legs inside of a carrier

Heartwarming Rescued Kitten Finds The Family It Never Had (Video)

The most heartwarming story.
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tweets about people adopting super senior cats thumbnail includes a picture of a woman holding a cat that's hugging her and one tweet 'Photograph - Lorenzo The Cat @LorenzoTheCat ... Feel Good Photo of the Day---this woman adopted this 20-year-old cat from a shelter because she didn't want him to spend the end of his life alone in a cage. 4:19 PM · Apr 11, 2021 - Twitter Web App 4,109 Retweets 593 Quote Tweets 44.3K Likes'

Heartwarming Tweets: Adopting Super-Senior Cats In Desperate Need For Love

Every cat deserves to be adopted.
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cats dogs pets senior animals old beautiful love wholesome uplifting cute aww | My old girl is still up and running at 15 years old - I give her the biggest hugs and tell her she's loved every single day because I will never know when she decides it's time

Senior Pets Appreciation Collection (30 Love Bugs)

So much love
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Facebook comments showering cats and dogs with love thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Kelly Driscoll I was once sitting in the front porch petting a feral cat that had adopted us, when a stray dog came down the street and started to come into the yard. That cat launched himself off the porch with a demonic growl and tore towards the dog. The dog thought better of his direction and took off. The cat trotted trotted back and resumed getting his pets. I was stunned. 17 Like · Reply M'

Facebook Comments Showering Cats And Dogs With Love (Mostly Cats)

because they totally deserve it.
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tumblr thread about a cat who loves cuddling.

Tumblr Thread: Cat That Adores Cuddles

The cutest cat eveeeeeeer
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cow and cat with same coat are best friends - thumbnail of cow and cat being affectionate

Cow And Cat With Same Coat Patterns Are Besties (Video)

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