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video of a two-year-old girl convincing her mom to adopt a deaf puppy thumbnail includes a picture of a young girl petting a white puppy that's sitting in someone's backpack

2-Year-Old Girl Convinces Mom To Adopt Awwdorable Deaf Puppy (Video)

"The girl who can’t stop talking, and the guy who can’t hear anything" <3
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video of a person trying to nap with an overprotective husky thumbnail includes a picture of a human and a husky lying together with the husky's chin on the human's head

Trying To Nap With An Overprotective Husky (Video)

The biggest fluffiest pillow.
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video of an abandoned kitten getting rescued and finding a family thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten with two casts standing on two legs inside of a carrier

Heartwarming Rescued Kitten Finds The Family It Never Had (Video)

The most heartwarming story.
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tweets about people adopting super senior cats thumbnail includes a picture of a woman holding a cat that's hugging her and one tweet 'Photograph - Lorenzo The Cat @LorenzoTheCat ... Feel Good Photo of the Day---this woman adopted this 20-year-old cat from a shelter because she didn't want him to spend the end of his life alone in a cage. 4:19 PM · Apr 11, 2021 - Twitter Web App 4,109 Retweets 593 Quote Tweets 44.3K Likes'

Heartwarming Tweets: Adopting Super-Senior Cats In Desperate Need For Love

Every cat deserves to be adopted.
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cats dogs pets senior animals old beautiful love wholesome uplifting cute aww | My old girl is still up and running at 15 years old - I give her the biggest hugs and tell her she's loved every single day because I will never know when she decides it's time

Senior Pets Appreciation Collection (30 Love Bugs)

So much love
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Facebook comments about cats being affectionate thumbnail includes a picture of a cat hugging a dog and one Facebook comment 'Organism - Tamra Paulsen-Mosher My cat Milo hugging the doggo super tight during an thunder storm because he knows she's afraid. He'd hug me but he knows I'm okay, so he goes where needed. He's crazy, but he's loving as heck e'

Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Showing Affection (Facebook Comments)

For anyone who thinks cats are not affectionate.
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Facebook comments showering cats and dogs with love thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Kelly Driscoll I was once sitting in the front porch petting a feral cat that had adopted us, when a stray dog came down the street and started to come into the yard. That cat launched himself off the porch with a demonic growl and tore towards the dog. The dog thought better of his direction and took off. The cat trotted trotted back and resumed getting his pets. I was stunned. 17 Like · Reply M'

Facebook Comments Showering Cats And Dogs With Love (Mostly Cats)

because they totally deserve it.
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tumblr thread about a cat who loves cuddling.

Tumblr Thread: Cat That Adores Cuddles

The cutest cat eveeeeeeer
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cow and cat with same coat are best friends - thumbnail of cow and cat being affectionate

Cow And Cat With Same Coat Patterns Are Besties (Video)

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story about a rescued swan reuniting with its mate thumbnail includes two pictures including a rescuer holding a swan and two swans reunited

Swan Waits For Her Rescued Mate To Return After Rehabilitation

Rescue followed by the most romantic reunion
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pictures of different animals being friends thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog wearing a cone lying on the ground and a cat lying inside of its cone with him and another of a black leopard and a a dog in the snow with the leopard licking the dog

Most Heartwarming Interspecies Friendships

A little different but still best friends.
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pictures of cats being affectionate with humans thumbnail includes two pictures including a funny cat lying across a woman's arm and a cat hugging a human from behind

Photos Capturing How Strongly Cats Love Their Humans

And people say cats are cold...
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Facebook comment about ways in which pets show their owners they love them thumbnail includes one picture of a cat cuddling a girl 'Facial expression - Elly McCarthy Whenever I'm upset, Sakura is always all over me. She will purr and paw at my clothes until I let her snuggle with me. She's my baby, and I guess you can say she's kind of my emotional support cat except she's not certified and I don't take her anywhere. She always like to try to get as close as possible to me. OD 156'

ICanHasCheezburger Users Share Wholesome Ways Their Pets Comfort Them

They just know when we need love and affection.
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stories of cats being cock blocks - cover image picture of cat saying "I am the worlds cutest cock block" and story of cat digging up tampon from trash and killing mood

Cats Who Interrupted Their Owners From Having Romantic Relations

You might think it's easy to get some these days, especially with everyone desperate for human contact after lockdown. But it turns out that cat owners often encounter technical setbacks that the average person doesn't, which could stop them from getting lucky in the sex department . Together with The Single Society , we bring you real women's stories of times their cats did everything they could to stop their owners from getting laid , which, if you know a thing or two about kitties, isn't all…
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Facebook comments talking about weird ways in which pets show their humans they love them thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and a dog lying on their backs next to each other 'Felidae - Kimberly Ortman My dog Kelsey taught my cat Henry how to ask for belly rubs. Kelsey passed away in April. When i feel sad Henry gives me his belly. OBD 104 Like · Reply Message 20h'

Pets Showing Love In Strange But Wholesome Ways

Such adorable weirdos...
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video of a wolf cleaning snow off his mate thumbnail includes picture of two wolves

Red Wolf Lovingly Cleaning Snow Off His Mate (Video)

The most affectionate overgrown puppers.
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