I Can Has Cheezburger?


story about a shy kitten getting rescued and learning to love humans | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten sitting on a woman's shoulder and four kittens in a carrier

Kitten Rescued Alongside His Siblings, Shyest Of The Litter, Turns Out To Be A Huge Cuddle-Bug

Absolutely awwdorable.
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video of rescue cat befriending other cat and learning to love | thumbnail left and right black and white two cats together

Anxious Feral Cat Hated Everyone Until She Fell In Love With Another Kitty (Video)

Love heals
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A short video of someone helping a stray kitten with their inflamed eye | Thumbnail includes a screenshot from the video with the mother cat observing as the human helps her kitten

Stray Mommy Cat Says Thank You To Human For Treating Her Kittens Inflamed Eye

A story of kindness
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collection of stories about cats loving their humans | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - O Top fan Michelle Smith I have a very aggressively affectionate boy. He is bit special though and has learned that I give him affection by kissing his head so now he comes charging at me full tilt and headbutts my face so I can give him a kiss He head bonks your hand when feeding him as well today thanks but sends.biscuits all over kitchen . I'm definitely his favourite human though makes'

Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Proving That Kitties Do Actually Love Their Humans

ICanHasCheezburger edition
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4 Tiktok videos about a cat names Frank who has dementia | Thumbnail includes a picture of a sleeping cat, a woman washing the dishes while carrying a cat, and a sitting grey cat '💕baby Frank💕, Baby wearing my senior cat because he screams if he isn’t held because he has ✨dementia✨, Chunky💝'

Frank The Senior Cat With Dementia Demands To Be Held At All Times

This one goes out to all our senior (cat) citizens
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35 before and after photos of rescued cats | Thumbnail includes one photo of a kitten and another photo of a grown up cat 'Jolene was found at 8 weeks in a van engine near my house. Now she's celebrating her first birthday, and her beauty is beyond compare'

Power Of Love: 35 Before And After Photos Of Cats That Got A Second Chance (April 20, 2022)

Love makes the world go round
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23 screenshots from twitter thread about dogs being better than people | Thumbnail includes a photo of two dogs sitting by the window 'I'd rather spend time with my dogs than anyone I know!'

23 Dogs To Prove That Dogs Are Better Company Than People

Dogs > People
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21 photos of before and after rescued pets | Thumbnail includes a before and after of rescued brown labrador 'The first time I saw him and two years later...he's my soul dog.'

Power Of Love: 21 Before And After Photos Of Pets That Got A Second Chance (April 12, 2022)

We're back with another Power of Love segment!
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15 photos of upside down cats | Thumbnail includes 3 upside down cats 'She's running critically low on belly rubs'

Reddit's Best: 15 Photos Of The Floofiest Cat Bellies

I Can Has Belly rub?
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20 screenshots of a twitter thread where users discuss why having the dog is the best | Thumbnail includes a photo of a golden retriever puppy 'Purpose! My dog reminds me everyday that I matter to her. Even if I'm only gone for a few minutes to take out the trash, she greets me like the friend she hasn't seen in years! When you matter to someone, it changes your perspective.'

20 Reasons Why Puppies Are Pawsome Pets: A Twitter Thread

We have 100 more to add
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26 before and after photos of rescued dogs, cats, and a horse | Thumbnail includes before and after photos of a rescued husky named Sasha 'Sasha before and after her adoption.'

Power Of Love: 26 Before And After Photos Of Rescued Animals (April 6, 2022)

Rescue glow ups
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14 screenshots from Reddit where users share their stories about fostering leading to adoption | Thumbnail includes a picture of a surprised cat 'My wife agreed to a "trial run" with a cat. She has fallen in love with this little girl and keeps extending the trial period. Meet Penelope. (This was her reaction to being told that she can stay another week)'

Woman Keeps Extending Trial Period With Cat After Falling In Love With Her

How could you not fall in love with her?
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "It's because I sing to our dogs all the time. About everything, and anything. In fact, my 17 year old minpin has been hearing it her whole life and even though she can't see or hear very well, she relaxes and goes to sleep when I sing to her."

Husband And Dog-Daddy Shares The Wholesome Reason His Wife Fell In Love, Redditors Chime In With Support

Wholesome goodness
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twitter thread about cats being affectionate to their humans | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - johannes (yo-han-ehz) / semi-professional cuntboy @JohannesTEvans it's so funny that people think of cats as distant and aloof when frequently cats are just as obsessed with the people they live with as the people are with them and it's so GOOD 8:49 PM · Mar 22, 2022 - Twitter for Android 10.2K Retweets 1,797 Quote Tweets 93.1K Likes'

Actually, Cats Are Not Aloof, They Are Obsessed With Their Humans: Twitter Thread

Cats are purrfect.
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collection of posts about cats and dogs being friends | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and dog cuddling 'My kitten & her emotional support dog. The dog is 3/4 blind & the kitten was semi feral when I got her. If she is touching the dog, & he is not worried about movement or a person, then she isn’t either. If she is not touching the dog, & it’s someone who lives here, she runs to a crate or behind the furniture, then comes back when she realizes it’s safe. Nancy LeLacheur Everett'

Wholesome Stories Of Cats And Dogs Being Affectionate With One Another

Who said they can't be best friends?
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Video of homeless man and rescued dog | thumbnail includes a screenshot of the homeless man and dog 'I've learnt how to give love, more importantly receive it,'

Homeless Man Rescued Mistreated Dog, Now The Dog Rescues Him Back Every Day (Video)

The most wholesome friendship ever
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