I Can Has Cheezburger?


viral imgur thread about a footless lizard | thumbnail includes two pictures of a lizard with no feet sitting on someone's palm ''A story about Metric the footless lizard by CorvusTheCrow'

The Story Of A Person's Footless Lizard: An Awwdorable Viral Thread

Meet Metric the lizard.
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viral thread about a large man rescuing two kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiny kitten in a car and a cat sitting on a man's shoulder

Giant Man Rescues Two Small Kittens And Makes The Internet's Hearts Melt (Viral Thread)

Giant + smol = pure as heck.
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imgur thread about a dog with behavioral issues being returned by its owners and given a second chance by its breeder | thumbnail includes two pictures of a dog 'Per the contract they signed when buying her, they had to inform me first so I could decide what is best for the dog. I immediately brought her home. I didn't want a potentially dangerous dog being rehomed when I knew I could help her. rooloo97'

Couple Gives Up On A Misunderstood Dog With 'Behavioral Issues', But She's Given A Second Chance (Viral Thread)

We love to see a good breeder take responsibility like this.
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a slideshow of fascinating doggo photos from Pompei | thumbnail includes  two photos of dogs in pompei

A Delightful Slideshow Of Pompeii Pups & History

History Is So Cool
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 imgur thread about what makes platypuses cool | thumbnail includes a picture of a platypus swimming 'Phoebe the Platypus looks all cute because Platypus is all cute. However these back legs have a sneaky feature. The claws produce venom jonjohnjonjohn'

Platypuses Are Excellent And There Are Many Reasons Why (Viral Thread)

Platypuses are cooler than you know.
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viral imgur thread about adopting two new cats | thumbnail includes two pictures including two cats in cat carriers and a cat looking into a mirror 'New rescues moved in <3 frumplecat'

Adopting Two Cats And The Shenanigans Starts Right Away (Viral Thread)

Double trouble.
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viral imgur threads about pumas | thumbnail includes two pictures including a baby puma roaring and a puma chilling 'Today I would like to tell you... facts about the Puma. Unfortunately if you have seen a normal cat then you already know almost everything about them as Pumas are the same but bigger... jonjohnjonjohn'

Thread: Pumas Are The Same As Normal Cats, Just Bigger

Cute kitties.
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viral imgur thread about an animal that has 20,000 teeth | thumbnail includes a picture of a creepy-looking snail with teeth

The Animal With 20,000 Teeth: Informative Yet Funny Viral Thread

Laugh and learn.
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viral thread about Echidnas | thumbnail includes a picture of an Echidna 'Meet Edison. He is an baby Echidna, called a puggle. He came out of an egg which his mother Edweena stored in a pouch her belly... The Echidna is the oldest living mammal jonjohnjonjohn'

Viral Thread: The Internet Discovers The Cute Yet Hella Weird Echidnas

They are *not* enchiladas.
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funny photos of birds acting like jerks | thumbnail includes a picture of a parrot shoving a glass off a table and a picture of a pelican trying to eat a cat

Bird Hijinks Ruining Everything For Everyone: A Thread Of Birbs Being Jerks

Birbs are jerks.
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viral thread about deer being cool animals and getting their antlers stuck in things | thumbnail includes a photo of a deer with something stuck in its antlers 'In winter Deer are less active to conserve energy. In the spring they explore further and will often come into contact with humans. Dominic is going for a walk around the neighbourhood. There is nothing stuck in Dominic's antlers. Nothing at all jonjohnjonjohn'

Deer Are Pretty Neat And Their Antlers Definitely Never Get Stuck In Anything (Viral Thread)

Drumstick is definitely not stuck, move along please.
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a delightful compilation of pets at the pet store told through photos | thumbnail includes an iguana and a pet turtle eating salad

How Much Is That Lizard In The Window: A Look At Life Inside A Pet Store Through Photos

Such Cuties!
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jacana birds and their many legs - thumbnail of jacana bird with lots of legs

Imgur User Provides Entertaining Commentary While Discovering Jacana Bird

From terrifying to wholesome
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collection of pictures and posts of cats looking displeased | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat in a funny pose in a cat tree and a meme of a cat looking at a wall 'Cat - I've apparently done something wrong and offended His Gingerness. On the bright side, I can't see the death stare - otherwise I might not be alive to post this.'

Overly Spoiled Cats Feeling Grumpy About Their Very Hard Lives

So angy
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a series of animal pondering my orb memes | thumbnail includes a photo of a cat pondering an orb and also a meme with a cat photoshopped in

Pets Pondering Their Orbs: Funny Spins On The Latest Meme

More Like Paw-ndering
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9 images and gifs why hornets don't make good house pets | thumbnail left 3 hornets in glass encasement, thumbnail left close up hornet portrait

Hornets Set Up Camp In Swedish Home, Don't Make Great House Pets

House pets or nuisance?
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