I Can Has Cheezburger?


jacana birds and their many legs - thumbnail of jacana bird with lots of legs

Imgur User Provides Entertaining Commentary While Discovering Jacana Bird

From terrifying to wholesome
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collection of pictures and posts of cats looking displeased | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat in a funny pose in a cat tree and a meme of a cat looking at a wall 'Cat - I've apparently done something wrong and offended His Gingerness. On the bright side, I can't see the death stare - otherwise I might not be alive to post this.'

Overly Spoiled Cats Feeling Grumpy About Their Very Hard Lives

So angy
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a series of animal pondering my orb memes | thumbnail includes a photo of a cat pondering an orb and also a meme with a cat photoshopped in

Pets Pondering Their Orbs: Funny Spins On The Latest Meme

More Like Paw-ndering
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9 images and gifs why hornets don't make good house pets | thumbnail left 3 hornets in glass encasement, thumbnail left close up hornet portrait

Hornets Set Up Camp In Swedish Home, Don't Make Great House Pets

House pets or nuisance?
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viral thread about a previously neglected dog getting rescued and helping rescue other animals and humans | thumbnail includes two pictures including a malnourished dog and a dog lying with a kitten and a parrot 'From kittens, horses, hedgehogs and corvids all the way to alerting his owner before they had a seizure - this previously neglected and nervous dog does it all'

Neglected Dog Gets Rescued, Starts Rescuing Other Animals And People

A transformation for the ages.
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imgur thread about a horse who was rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures of a malnourished and injured horse 'He is MAYBE half the size he should be... basically the same size as a newborn Dodgerthehwydog'

Thread: The Amazing Transformation Of A Malnourished Neglected Horse

A heartwarming before and after of a majestic creature <3
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viral imgur thread about a British girl getting reunited with its plush cow after leaving it in Iceland | thumbnail includes a picture of a stuffed cow plush and a camera 'Young British girl reunited with her plush cow she left in Iceland BlinkAndImGoneForGood'

Young British girl Reunited With The Plush Cow She Left In Iceland

A whole adventure later, they were reunited <3
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 a funny compilation of animal thanksgiving memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a fat squirrel 'How I feel after Thanksgiving' and a cat grabbing a raw turkey from a counter 'I'm holdin' it back!'

12 Thanksgiving Memes Right In Time For The Gobbling Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving!
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collection of pictures of black cats camouflaging into things | thumbnail includes two pictures of black cats one in a bag and one behind a white cat

Void Appreciation Thread: Trying To Take Photos Of Black Cats Be Like

Just gotta try harder lol.
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a compilation of baby donkey photos to brighten your day | thumbnail includes several pictures of baby donkeys and text 'baby donkeys are so underrated'

Awwdorable Baby Donkeys Frolicking Around

Super Mule Photos!
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imgur thread about taking a cat on a trip to the grocery store | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat on a leash in a grocery store 'I took Tony to the pet shop she was a bit shy to start, but got used to being somewhere new quickly :) woohoo tonyandmuffin'

Thread: Taking An Awwdorable Shy Cat On A Trip To The Pet Store

Unexpected, wholesome, and funny.
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viral imgur thread about a Morphed Axolotl | thumbnail includes two pictures of a Morphed Axolotl 'One day I noticed that he was looking really "sick." I quarantined him from his tankmates and within a week, he [had] no gills, no webbed feet, and he didn't want water anymore at all. Goldfisj'

Viral Thread: The Incredible Story Of A Morphed Axolotl

An insane transformation.
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viral imgur thread about a fifteen year old chinchilla | thumbnail includes two pictures of a chinchilla '15 years with TJ!! 2006 nezdower'

Viral Thread: Celebrating A Senior Chinchilla's 15th Birthday

The most wholesome thing you'll see today <3
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viral imgur thread about a newly hatched mourning gecko | thumbnail includes a picture of a newly hatched mourning gecko on someone's hand 'A brand-new mourning gecko. She can't be more than a few days old. She's about an inch long. I found her while cleaning their enclosure. CorvusTheCrow'

Thread: Finding An Itty Bitty Newly Hatched Mourning Gecko

Teeny weeny creature of cuteness.
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imgur thread about rescuing a feral cat | thumbnail includes two pictures of a black cat 'I took me 1.5 hrs and a can of tuna to catch her in my jacket. She tore it to shreds then sh*t some nasty black tar all over it. I was ok with that knowing what the Russian lady wanted to do to her. Nobody wanted her and the vet wanted $120 to put her down. I took her home instead 5Toner'

Thread: Rescue Of A Terrified Feral Cat And The Difficulties Of Bonding With It

It was a long process, but it paid off <3
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imgur thread about a cat in places he shouldn't be | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat in a baby crib and a cat attempting to take something off the wall

Thread: Hooligan Cat In All The Places It Shouldn't Be

Why... why are you in the baby's crib?
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