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The world of Tumblr is a bizarre one, but there's no doubt that it'll make you laugh. Expect threads on the randomest of topics, dank memes and the occasional cringe or smh.

tumblr thread explaining what cats think when we kiss them as well as what cats and dogs think when we accidentally step on them thumbnail includes a picture of a girl kissing a cat 'Kitties rub their heads against their chosen people as a method of scent marking, but not of ownership. Instead, they're getting their scent on you because they know that you're a family, but you smell "Funny" compared to them. They're trying to make you smell like their family.'

Tumblr Explains Cats' Thoughts When Humans Kiss Their Heads

do they think we're trying to eat them or do they know it's affection?
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tumblr post of a tarot card deck made up of iconic cat memes thumbnail includes three images of tarot cards including one of a cat looking at a phone 'Cat - THE HERMIT.' a cat with a magician's hat on 'Cat - THE MAGICIAN. ignal.' and a cat in front of a mirror 'Cat - JUDGEMENT.'

Tumblr Creates Tarot Card Deck Out Of Iconic Cat Memes

Now, this is the kind of tarot card deck that I would want to use
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tumblr story of a human who befriended a cat who doesn't meow - thumbnail of the beginning of the thread  "the purest form of serotonin is when a cat looks at u and u go like "what?" and it meows at u" like is very unspecific response sill have no idea want but applaud adorably meowed all same, well done moderngargoyle Follow This post led reminisce on nature cat's meowing, and have funny story befriended feral cat once who had spent her life forest without human

Wholesome Tumblr Story Of A Cat Who Doesn't Meow

Funny and wholesome all in one
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cute and funny tumblr posts about dogs thumbnail includes a picture of three dogs in handicap contraptions looking at a stingray with the captions 'Vehicle - willetton 3 cyborg dogs investigate a strange ocean dog defilerwyrm сyborks'

Tumblr Posts Get Funny And Awwdorable About Dogs

Funny tumblr posts about dogs that are also undeniably cute
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connor-sexonlegswithahat-temple: escapingthefarm: spookyweenie: the cat's expression HUMAN! You have finally learned how to hunt! After I had given up all hope - you have finally learned! This is the best gift ever! WE SHALL FEAST TONIGHT. WE SHALL FEAST TONIGHT.
Via spookyweenie

The laundry is alive and it is angry

theraptorcage Eurasian Eagle Owl chicks hearthawk The laundry is alive and it is angry. petitequeen omfg maliceincorporated This is why you clean the lint tray regularly
Via daily-owls.tumblr.com
hilarious bird memes - thumbnail includes two birb memes one of a tennis ball and a bird that looks like a tennis ball and the other bird meme "POV you are a seed on the floor"

Ruffling Feathers: One Bird Meme At A Time (25 Bird Memes)

JK, there are 25 bird memes here
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hilarious tumblr thread where users reimagine the legendary phoenix as various birds - thumbnail includes screenshots from this phoenix bird tumblr thread | iconuk01 Follow According some sources legend phoenix might be derived another bird noted s striking appearance and who, indeed, are order Phoenicopterus know birds those are? FLAMINGOS!

Tumblr Thread Imagines Legendary Phoenix As Various Birds

This is hilarious
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lookin' fetching

Wife: Why is there a charge for $3,000 to Men's Warehouse? Me: I have no idea. Don't go outside tho Horse Gets Tailored Three-Piece Suit, Looks Absolutely Dashing
Via @MensHumor

Apply the bun

semoermemor buttpilgrim: apply bun directly to the forehead As an animal science major I can 100% certify that this is the correct tumblr post person holding a bunny to their face
Via buttpilgrim
week's best top and funniest animal memes - thumbnail includes two images one of panda cub chaos and one of a bird on top of another birds head | Ash Warner Follow @AlsBoy Don't love literally almost every picture pandas looks like chaos | leave get something and sibling takes seat

Morning Wake Up Call: Fresh Animal Memes (September 27th, 2020)

38 Animal Memes
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Cat Anatomy

its fun to draw cats when you dont know cat anatomy illustration of black cats in different poses teatreefox No thats accurate
Via teatreefox
cats sitting in places they shouldn't laptop eggs turtle cat funny memes cute tweets twitter tumblr reddit | Posted by u/chaosgirl93 1 year ago 4.4k Five beds and ten chairs house. He sits on eggs. cat sitting on top a carton of eggs

Hooligan Cats Sitting Where They Shouldn't

You ever seen a cat sitting on a turtle? You're welcome.
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dogs cat dog meme funny cute hilarious turtle owl elephant giraffe alligator tumblr monkey fish memes pics | VERY IMPORTANT STRETCH BEFORE CHASING MAILMEN dog stretching against a wall |  Weeeeeeeeee! cute excited looking turtle tortoise

Collection Of Silly And Fun Animal Memes (27 Memes)

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A funny thumbnail for a list of cat tumblr posts written in Russian but then translated to english making them very funny, the cover photo shows a cat with a sticker on it and it's looking at a kiwi with the same sticker and they basically look the same | setheverman: markv5 Russian English cat is little kiwi Kogda tvoy kot nemnogo kivi.

Purrrely Funny Russian Cat Memes Translated To English

Mixed in with cuteness of course
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A very funny thumbnail to a list of thirty funny dog tumblr posts and the image is two dogs the one of the left side is a black dog with a scary face and on the right side is a dog looking at him and the text below says "dude"

Thirty Doggo Tumblr Posts Aiding in Smiles

Hot diggity dog posts
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