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The world of Tumblr is a bizarre one, but there's no doubt that it'll make you laugh. Expect threads on the randomest of topics, dank memes and the occasional cringe or smh.

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monobeartheater rioppedfuel: the'ightofmght: nicoffeine OH MY GOSH I have two hands and three foods. Oh poor little dude I HAVE NEVER SEEN AN ANIMAL LOOK MORE DISTRESSED
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Funny tumblr posts about Australian animals | australians-assemble tumblr. Follow E phancriss nyooom australia gifted royal baby pet crocodile born on same day as royal baby and thus has also been named george. theyre twins royal baby has twin pet crocodile and im so jealous im fuming kyriarchy australo-reptilian conspiracy place croc on throne slashfilled-mind Who fuck thinks crocodile is an appropriate gift baby? dwarfishaxis Australia. Source:luvgrease99

When Tumblr Couldn't Help But Laugh At Australian Animals

Funny tumblr posts about Australian animals
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Funny tumblr posts about penguins | michaelmoonsbookshop just some changes design Penguin Symbol on old Penguin Paperbacks dinkywinks he did little dance and this crime he imprisoned bubble

Just a Bunch Of Funny Penguins On Tumblr

Funny tumblr posts about penguins
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birds tumblr funny lol animals cute aww birb pics hilarious | two geese attacking rasec-wizzlbang: 420moshdad: anger Jurassic park 4 looks great so far S rasec-wizzibang Source: Fickr dirtyharrry 96,028 notes

Eighteen Delicious Birds Of Tumblr (Funny Posts)

Oh, these are so good
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Tumblr posts about cats | showerthoughtsofficial O Save Maybe only cats can become ghost s why ghosts just knock over stuff and make noises at night.

Fifteen Tumbler Posts Which Understand What Cats Are All About

Tumblr post
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funny tumblr birds list lol wtf weird birb noncomprehensive anger | King Vulture felted craft project equivalent haunted ventriloquist dummy very colorful bird with interesting protrusions on its head and beak

Tumblr User Creates Non-Comprehensive List Of Birds

Short but valid
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Tumblr posts about cats | My Two Favorite Things: juoppomustekala: 1. Cats with everyday objects as names Pants broke into catnip again 2. Cats with unexpectedly normal names did Kenneth get on top fridge?

The Greatest Cats To Have Graced Tumblr (Tumblr Posts)

Funny tumblr posts about cats
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Funny tumblr posts about baby animals | isn't works little one. teddy236 He's only baby, he’ll learn tiny kitten sitting in a red water bowl near its food

A Bunch Of Cute Tumblr Posts About Baby Animals

Cute Tumblr posts
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Funny Tumblr posts About Bears | toheckandback sarcastigawea spankmehardsanta: susan know ur home, just come outside so can talk things out | toptumbles.com eggplont: leadhooves: housewifeswag look on their faces though. its like omfg, charles. charles, charles HUMAN IS WAVING. WAVE BACK, HURRY omg cutest ever HNNNNNN NNNNNNG THEY LOOK SO FAT

Unbearably Funny Tumblr posts About Bears

Funny Tumblr posts About Bears
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owl posts on tumblr | animalstalkinginallcaps: YEAH, SHE'S GOOD LOOKING GUESS. NOT REALLY MY TYPE LIKE BIGGER WINGSPAN. THERE GO. PAGE 236. LOOK AT PLUMAGE ON ONE. SWEET JESUS. SIBLEY BIRDS photo of an owl looking over a man's shoulder at a book of birds

Owl The Fun: Owlesome Owl Posts On Tumblr

Owl Posts On Tumblr
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interesting facts about toucans bird parrots looks big long beak tumblr thread cryptid-quartz Toucans are pretty weird, right? educational zoology animals fascinating biology anatomy

Tumblr Thread Points Some Interesting Facts About The Weird Look Of Toucans

Facts About Toucans
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funny tumblr crow thread birds lol | todaysbird really like crows just insert themselves into group other birds and then act like there is absolutely nothing strange about. pic of a crow standing on a fence next to three small birds sparrow like

Crowto-Bombing: When Crows Insert Themselves In Another Bird Group (Short Thread)

A series of pics of crows infiltrating other bird groups like it's no big deal.
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funny tumblr posts about animals | muffpunch: todd-johnson even are cats Everything about this picture is greatest thing ever seen

When Tumblr Is Being Cute And Funny With All These Animal Posts

Funny Tumblr Posts About Animals
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funny tumblr thread t-rex

Entertaining Tumblr Thread About An 'Extreme Chompin T-Rex'

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funny tumblr posts funny cats funny animals black cat adorable cute cute cats lol Cats funny tumblr - 9692165

Tumblr Posts All Revolving Around Black Cats

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10/10 would love both

tumblr lol Cats funny funny tumblr - 9384539904
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