I Can Has Cheezburger?


Black. The absence of visible light. The darkest color. Hue-less, and also one of the first colors ever used in Neolithic cave paintings. Definitely more than meets the eye.

I Didn't Know they Could Do That

lions should have bucket walrus black - 6881041664
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And it's Not Like we Have a Lot of Shoe Stores Here.

shoes i know blue footed birds feet store black - 6807261440
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Stealth level: expert

stealth sneak camouflage rug fur black Cats captions - 6704989696
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13 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

black black cats Cats list reasons - 6628729856
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Bunday: I Got You a Present

black bundle bunny gift happy bunday present rabbit - 6535531520
Via Addelburgh

It Is Quite Stylish, Though

black lion regrets - 6460364288
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Creepicute: Aye Aye

black claws creepicute floofy lemur - 4258987008
Created by sixonefive72

Basement Cat Supreme

basement basement cat black fur lion - 6454268160
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It's Still Pretty Obvious

black emo lion mane - 6456418816
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black captions Cats dye mischief sink trouble white - 6439763968
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Daily Squee: Baby Devil

baby black fierce squee Tasmanian Devil tasmanian devils whiskers - 4350436096
Created by sixonefive72

Daily Squee: Party Pig!

baby black hats party hat pig piglet piglets squee - 6150111488
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Restraining Cat: Otherwise He Won't Be Able to See Your Fur

annoying black Cats clothing fur Memes restraining cat - 6227189760
Created by Unknown

Blue-Eyed and Fierce!

black cub grass jaguar leopard puma - 6031715840
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In Yo Face!

black bunny close face rabbit - 5824696064
Created by Unknown

Reader Squees: Sad Baby Beaux

basket black pets puppy reader squees towel - 6104295936
Created by CareAhh