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Black. The absence of visible light. The darkest color. Hue-less, and also one of the first colors ever used in Neolithic cave paintings. Definitely more than meets the eye.

27 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Dog - WEE', 'Cat', and 'Cat'

Black Cat Magic: 27 Majestic and Magical Black Cats Guilty Of Charming Their Way Into Our Homes (And Wallets)

They'll put a spell on you
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20 pictures of black cats | thumbnail includes two pictures of black cats

Tricolor Trilogy Part 2: Pitch-Black Panthers - 20 Black Cats That Will Melt Your Heart

These black cats will give you nothing but good luck for days!
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original ICanHasCheezburger song about black cats for Halloween | thumbnail includes a picture of a woman holding a guitar and headbutting a cat

The Black Cat Halloween Song: Giving Love To Our Beautiful Voids (Video)

By our very own Tracy!
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collection of black cat appreciation posts for Halloween | thumbnail includes two pictures including a black cat standing on some pumpkins and a black kitten showing its belly

Spooktober Special: Black Cat Appreciation Collection Just In Time For Halloween

Giving love to all the voids.
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collection of posts about black cats | thumbnail includes two pictures including a black cat and a black cat feeding kittens and a possum 'Momma void had kittens and adopted a baby possum that must have fallen off its mother. Momma void took it in as one of her own, but doesn’t quite understand why this funny little kitten hangs on her all the time! u/Entropy1866'

Black Cat Appreciation Collection: From The Sweetest Voids To The Sassiest Black Holes

Black cats deserve love too.
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13 photos of calico cats | Thumbnail includes a photo of an angry calico cat and a photo of a calico cat holding a toy plushie

End The Weekend On A Good Note With Some Feline Appreciation: 13 Cuddalicious Calicos

Give it up for all our calicos
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tweets appreciating black cats | thumbnail includes two pictures of rooms with black blobs in them and one tweet 'Couch - cam @climaxximus ppl w black cats be like "look how cute he is" then show u this 1:52 AM Jul 24, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 3,702 Retweets 808 Quote Tweets 34.1K Likes'

When Cats Are Just Black Holes: Void Appreciation Tweets

The void purrs.
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tweets about black cats not being bad luck | thumbnail includes two pictures including a black kitten climbing a bag and a black kitten stretching and one tweet 'Product - Alyssa D. Silos @Alythuh black cats are bad luck? then explain tofu 11:37 PM · Jun 13, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1,467 Retweets 59 Quote Tweets 19.9K Likes'

Tweets Defending The Purrfection That Is Black Cats

The most adorable black voids.
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viral imgur thread of two black cats fooling around | thumbnail includes two pictures of a black cat making funny faces under the couch 'Just potato fannying around BangersandMashthekittens'

Viral Thread: Awwdorable Hooligan Black Cats Fooling Around

Black cats are awesome.
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pictures of melanistic animals | thumbnail includes two pictures including a black deer and a black snake

Unique And Underappreciated Melanistic Animals

These special animals need some love too!
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pictures of black panthers thumbnail includes two pictures including a black panther cub and a black panther holding a black panther cub in its mouth

Showing Some Love For Save The Panther Day

Pawfect black kitty cats.
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tweets of cute black cats to prove that they're not back luck thumbnail includes a picture of a black kitty hugging a toy and a black cat hugging a toy and a tweet 'Cat - a kimi a @piinkimi ... Black cats are not bad luck 3:17 PM Mar 12, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 7,812 Retweets 396 Quote Tweets 37.7K Likes'

Cats Are Not Bad Luck: Twitter's Awwdorable Black Kitties

They are purrfect, and that's fact.
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back cats vs black panthers - thumbnail of black panther with stuffed animal and pictures of black cat with stuffed animal

Same Energy: Mini House-Panthers Vs Panthers

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black cats cat memes funny lol aww cute adorable animals | LEAVE ALONE TODAY AN OWL black cat with big round eyes sitting in a tree | She loves car rides happy smiling cat

Black Cat Magic: Cat Memes

We love black cats
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rare black leopard pics cats wildcats amazing incredible wow photography india reserve safari animals

Incredible Rare Black Leopard Spotted At An Indian Reserve

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black cats cute funny magic animals lol cuteness adorable aww snaps snapchat | This is saw woke my nap cat lying on its back between a person's legs | Look like eyes made purest ice. With warmest heart.

Afternoon Delight: Black Cat Magic (25 Snaps)

Little house panthers forever
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