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Black. The absence of visible light. The darkest color. Hue-less, and also one of the first colors ever used in Neolithic cave paintings. Definitely more than meets the eye.

Blue-Eyed and Fierce!

black cub grass jaguar leopard puma - 6031715840
Via Just Call Me Lynn

In Yo Face!

black bunny close face rabbit - 5824696064
Created by Unknown

Reader Squees: Sad Baby Beaux

basket black pets puppy reader squees towel - 6104295936
Created by CareAhh


black Cats education lolcat nature physics science space - 6102351104
See all captions Created by blackbeastofaaaargh

Ball o' Bird

bird black little round yellow - 5967573504
Via Just Call Me Lynn

Teeny Sniffs

black bunny whiskers white - 5971754240
Via Just Call Me Lynn

We have noms!

black color cuddling dark side kitten pun star wars - 5978711808
See all captions Created by Unknown

Lolcats: Pawsiblol Deniability

Babies black color Father happened how kitten no idea parent white - 5971340032
See all captions Created by worksucks

I'll Be Your Booper

bears black boop brown cubs play tree - 5907139840
Via Just Call Me Lynn

Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: Mebbe One ob U Wuz Adawpted, Mebbe U Wuzn't...

black black and white cyoot kitteh of teh day family mom one of these things white - 5940006144
Via Felicityx1


black bunny cold happy bunday play snow - 5883725568
Via Daily Bunny

Mama gonna need tu explan

black color has mom to do white - 5940436736
See all captions Created by Neom1999

Reader Squees: Peaceful Dreams

baby black ferret pet reader squees sleep - 5937729280
Created by Hansheinz ( Via Frettchen )

Reader Squees: Luno Lapin

black Bunday bunny pet reader squees - 5781287680
Created by rowilko

Derpface Lambiekins

black derp face lamb smile - 5878993920
Via Love your Chaos

Reader Squees: Mister Tibbs Being Super Sly

black box cardboard chinchilla pet reader squees sly - 5852381440
Created by anniefish