I Can Has Cheezburger?


Black. The absence of visible light. The darkest color. Hue-less, and also one of the first colors ever used in Neolithic cave paintings. Definitely more than meets the eye.

We have noms!

black color cuddling dark side kitten pun star wars - 5978711808
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Lolcats: Pawsiblol Deniability

Babies black color Father happened how kitten no idea parent white - 5971340032
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I'll Be Your Booper

bears black boop brown cubs play tree - 5907139840
Via Just Call Me Lynn

Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: Mebbe One ob U Wuz Adawpted, Mebbe U Wuzn't...

black black and white cyoot kitteh of teh day family mom one of these things white - 5940006144
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black bunny cold happy bunday play snow - 5883725568
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Mama gonna need tu explan

black color has mom to do white - 5940436736
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Reader Squees: Peaceful Dreams

baby black ferret pet reader squees sleep - 5937729280
Created by Hansheinz ( Via Frettchen )

Reader Squees: Luno Lapin

black Bunday bunny pet reader squees - 5781287680
Created by rowilko

Derpface Lambiekins

black derp face lamb smile - 5878993920
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Reader Squees: Mister Tibbs Being Super Sly

black box cardboard chinchilla pet reader squees sly - 5852381440
Created by anniefish


basement dog black Black Lab labrador retriever - 5625200640
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annoying black clothing cuddles cuddling memecats Memes mornings the most interesting man in the world work - 5445765376
Created by Unknown

I sense evil....

black caption captioned cat Cats evil I ominous sense Staring white - 5334645760
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Babies baby black color lamb opposites sheep white wool - 5224077824
Created by Unknown

Heck Hounds

black friends pomeranian pomeranians - 3577784832
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But does it make you "interesting"?

always black caption captioned cat skirt the most interesting man in the world wait wont yes - 4966558976
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