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Black. The absence of visible light. The darkest color. Hue-less, and also one of the first colors ever used in Neolithic cave paintings. Definitely more than meets the eye.

rare photos of a black leopard

Wildlife Photographer Captures Images Of An Ultra-Rare Black Leopard

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black cats infographics Cats stats black - 6940933

Interesting Infographics About Black Cats

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trees climbing bear cubs first time Video black - 91164417

Watch These Adorable Bear Cubs Attempting to Climb Trees for the First Time

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super bowl prediction Cats Video black - 90082817

This Black Cat Predicted Super Bowl 2018 WINNERS

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christmas grandma surprise Cats Video black - 89346561

This Adorable Grandma Receiving a Black Cat For Christmas Will Melt Your Heart

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Beautiful Melanin animals - Dark colored lion

Black Is Beautiful: 27 Stunning Animals With Melanism

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chicken birds black - 1559557

We've Found the Most Unique Chicken in the World and We Can't Stop Staring

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Well,he's just a meany!

leopard told have kitten caption black - 8819998464
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The Power of Love

animals steal powers cat heart kitty caption black - 8812000768
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labrador instagram funny black - 848901

Vivian the Black Lab Has a Hilariously Inappropriate Instagram Account

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What a Crazy Superstition

animals caption Cats black - 8773840384
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Aren't They So Cute?!

adorable caption Cats black - 8766328320
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Cat Lovers Do NOT Discriminate

animals adopt cat people caption kitties black - 8765817856
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Cat Midnight Have a High Level of Vitamin B

Cats black sun cat memes - 7939631104
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doggie door puppies cute squee Video black the pet collective - 55292673

Black Labra-door Puppies!

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Guinea Pig Cafe

cups guinea pigs cappuccino coffee cream black - 6932368128
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