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tumblr thread of people arguing about whether birds are dinosaurs or reptiles | thumbnail includes two sections of a tumblr thread 'Blue - a-dinosaur-a-day Nope birds are dinosaurs though, full stop. we've already defined what a dinosaur is and it includes birds. but reptiles isn't really defined so much as thrown against a wall angrily. alexaloraetheris This entire post sums up everything we're not allowed to mention in our Vertebrata classes because the last time someone'

Tumblr Thread: Drama In The Reptile Community Is Unexpectedly Funny

Completely unnecessary but SO funny.
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a super cute story about a wild parrot finding a friendly hooman | thumbnail includes two photos of the wild parrot with its hooman

Pretty Wild Parrot Visits Woman Every Day (Video)

A Parrot Steals Hearts
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video of ostriches running free | thumbnail image of ostriches running free through main roads china

Dozens Of Ostriches Run Free On Main Chinese Roads After Fleeing Farm (Video)

Run like the wind
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video of a hummingbird being nursed back to health by a person | thumbnail includes a picture of a hummingbird hovering near a person's hand

Man Nurses Tiny Hummingbird Back To Health (Video)

Spread Your Wings And Fly
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Pope calls pet owners selfish, internet reacts

'Today... we see a form of selfishness': Pope Criticizes Pet-Parents and the Animal-Loving Internet Is Enraged

Don't mess with a dog mom.
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video of a featherless bird dancing perfectly on beat to The Humpty Dance | thumbnail includes a picture of a featherless bird on a railling

Featherless Bird Doing The Humpty Hump And Dancing Perfectly On Beat (Video)

Rocking out so hard.
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derpy eagles birds ruthf Birds of Prey hunting falcon animals bald eagle - 16134661

Photos That Prove Birds of Prey Are Just As Derpy As Any Other Animal

Birds of prey or birbs of prey?
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jacana birds and their many legs - thumbnail of jacana bird with lots of legs

Imgur User Provides Entertaining Commentary While Discovering Jacana Bird

From terrifying to wholesome
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a funny reddit thread showing a photoshop battle of a frog and a hawk together | thumbnail includes two photoshopped photos of them

Epic Photoshop Battle: Hawk And Frog Running

Frogs have legs?
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an article about a sanctuary for wild birds in South Africa | thumbnail includes two photos of wild birds in the sanctuary

World Of Animals: Inside A South African Bird Sanctuary

Caw-Come On!
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video of two kookaburras coming into someone's home during a storm | thumbnail includes one picture of a kookaburra sitting on someone's leg

2 Wild Kookaburras Come Inside To Wait Out A Storm (Video)

Kookaburras are so friendly.
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christmas birds snow ruthf birdwatching winter animals holidays - 16024581

The Prettiest Winter Birbs Photographed By Birdwatchers This Season

pretty birds!
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a heartwarming story about a man adopting 40 seagulls | thumbnail includes a photo of 10 seagulls with the man's pet cat

Man Adopts 40 Disabled Seagulls (Video)

Such a good deed!
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a silly thread about why you need to adopt a duck | thumbnail includes text saying 'my first date?'

16 Duck Tweets That Are Pretty Persuasive

It's time to get a duck!
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a funny news story about a foul mouthed crow befriending an elementary school | thumbnail includes a photo of the crow and text 'Friendly, foul mothed crow befriends entire oregon elementary school' along with text 'oh my god??? This is the only Christmas miracle I care about???'

Talking Crow Gets Escorted Out Of Elementary School After Swearing Too Much

Bird of the year!
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a bunch of facts about penguins | thumbnail includes text saying 'Recently discovered fossils indicate that an ancient breed of penguins once stood taller than the average adult man today at 5-foot-10.'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: WARNING This Article May Cause Immediate Need To Watch Happy Feet

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