I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a senior cat and a senior cockatoo hanging out together | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and a cockatoo next to each other

40 Year-Old Cockatoo And 17 Year-Old Cat Hanging Out (Video)

Some friendships are a little different.
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video of magpie playing dead in front of parents | thumbnail image through fence of magpie laying down playing dead with other magpie looking at him from above nudging

Young Magpie Plays Dead To Avoid Going Home With Mum And Dad (Video)

Home? Nah
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tumblr thread about the roundest bird | thumbnail includes two pictures of the Bearded Reedling and a tumblr post 'pogaytosalad Follow I looked up "roundest bird" and i dont know what i expected but im crying. Look at it. Its called a bearded reedling'

Tumblr Thread: Discovering The Extremely Round Bearded Reedling

So round so birb very orb
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video of parrot singing "shake your booty" | thumbnail left and right image of grey parrot with red feathers

Parrot Sings Laugh Inducing Rendition of ‘Shake Your Booty’ (Video)

This parrot can get down
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crows get back at bully neighbors - thumbnail of story "Our building has a decent sized crow population. I've always liked them, so I decided to make friends. Spent some time doing research on them and their diets and went out and got some snacks that would be nutritious for them. Every couple of days I'd chop up some fruits and veggies and grains and take them out to their favorite tree in a little tupperware box. I'd pick it up later and it would be empty. It got to the point where they'd know

Reddit User Befriends Crows Who In Turn Help By Getting Back At Bully Neighbors

Helpful to have 'feathered friends in high places'
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a video about an adorable raven couple | thumbnail includes two photos of the raven couple

Romantic Ravens Who Are Couple Goals (Video)

Love is in the air.
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list of funny photos and videos of winkle the duck | thumbnail includes two photos of winkle in action

Wrinkle The Duck Will Quack You Up

So heckin' cute!
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a video about Teapot the rooster who acts like a dog | thumbnail includes two side by side photos of teapot the rooster in action

Teapot The Rooster Who Acts Like A Dog (Video)

Cute As Cluck
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video of a cat befriending a peacock | thumbnail includes a picture of the peacock with the cat

Peacock Plays Around With Cat Friend (Video)

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video of a woman petting wild birds | thumbnail includes a picture of a person reaching out to pet a bird

Australian Checks If Wild Kookaburras Will Let Her Pet Them (Video)

Spoiler: it's awwdorable.
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video of a magpie coming to visit a person who hasn't seen it in months | thumbnail includes a picture of a bird sitting on someone's thigh

Human's Favorite Magpie Comes Back After Months Away (Video)

Oh Australians…
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video of a rescued sparrow | thumbnail is the sparrow

Beautiful Baby Sparrow Rescued By Couple (Video)

Sparrow is saved!
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article about a national park in argentina | thumbnail includes two photos of the park, one of a giant anteater, and one of a line of capybaras

World Of Animals: Inside A National Park Full Of Capybaras And Giant Otters

Ever seen a Rhea bird?
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video of cockatoo bird rescued acting like dinosaur | thumbnail image of white cockatoo, white feathers

Roaring Cockatoo Is Convinced She's A Dinosaur (Video)

Cockatoo gets his groove on
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bird photos | thumbnail includes two photos of birds and text that saying 'Bountiful and beautiful birds'

Chipper Birbs: Awwdorable Bird Photos To Ruffle Your Feathers

For a chirpful day.
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video of parrot and human duo doing fast cover tracy chapman cover | thumbnail image of parrot standing on table human with guitar a few feet behind him

Parrot And Human Duo Cover Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' (Video)

Parrot and his human cover a classic
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