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vintage comics about dogs

These Old Comics From The 1960's Prove That Dogs Have Always Been Funny

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animals inserted into vintage photos

Artist Paints Animals Into Vintage Photos and the Result is Whimsical

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vintage animAL PHOTOS that are weird

20 Truly Bizarre Animal Photos That Will Make You Wonder About Those Days Gone By

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if cats were scientists in the 1960's

Cats As Scientists Of The 1960's

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vintage photos of cats and dogs acting like humans

Adorable Cats And Dogs Acting Like Humans 100 Years Ago

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vintage dog food ads

28 Cool Vintage Dog Food Ads That Prove Nothing Has Really Changed

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cute vintage photos of kids and their pets

28 Precious Vintage Photos of Children With Their Pets

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bad vintage postcards with animals

The Worst Animal Vintage Postcards From 1950 to 1975

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vintage photos of animals

21 Delightful Vintage Photos Of Animals

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cute project crafts DIY Cats Video vintage - 342535

Learn How to Make an Adorable, Vintage-Looking "Camper" for Your Cat

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Old Timey LOLcats! :D

Meme of an old photograph that seems to show a cat meme in lolcat that is over hundred years old.
Via DeadlyLittleKate

Vintage LOLCats

Cats vintage - 8819191552
Via BVSmirk
photography puppy kitten camera story Cats vintage - 795909

The True Story Behind Those Vintage Baby Animal Photos

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It's a Fine Vintage

duckling wine quack funny vintage - 7602567168
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Fantastical Beasts in Fastidious Fashions

fashion drawing art fox lion vintage - 6964493312
Via IMGfave

This wine has a sharp bite to it . . .

taste age captions wine Cats vintage - 6521507584
See all captions Created by Kiwi47