I Can Has Cheezburger?


17 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people shared photos and stories about how they thought their cat was one gender but ended up being another | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange tabby and a picture of a siamese cat 'UPDATE- My new cat Morris. Morris went to the vet for the first time today. turns out he, is a she and needs a new name. We got Iris and it took a couple weeks to realize Iris was an Oliver. Iris was such a pretty name, too.'

From Morris To Morrisa: Short Stories Of People Finding Out That Their Male Cat Is Actually A Female (Viral Twitter Thread + Cat Tax)

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funny stories about cats at the vet's office | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat on a bed 'She has hyperethesia so we've been to the vet a lot trying to find the right treatment. She has what they call a "red card" in her file (it means she has the potential for violence) I found out recently the note on her red card says "looks cute but will F*ck you up" ??????? that's my demon child. She barely weighs over 7lbs. Maggie Stewart'

What Is The Funniest Experience You've Had With Your Cat At The Vet's Office: ICanHas Users Answer

Absolutely ridiculous.
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A Youtube video about a pregnant cat that adopted her own hoomans which later helped her birth her kittens | Thumbnail includes a picture of a man and a tabby cat and a picture of a cat nursing her kittens

Pregnant Stray Cat Adopts Hoomans That Later Help Her Birth And Nurse Her Kittens (Video)

Good for her
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video of a sick cat getting a piece of plastic removed from its stomach | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with many bandages and a cat headbutting a man

After 2 Years Of Bad Health, Vets Remove Something Unexpected From Cat's Stomach And He Starts Feeling Better (Video)

Please keep an eye on your kitties <3
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collection of funny stories about cats going to the vet | thumbnail includes two pictures including two cats climbing into a hole 'Both cats. Two separate visits. One exploring. One hiding. Same picture. Erin Ramos' and one cat inside of someone's clothes 'Pomona tried to hide only to discover I was wearing a vest not a jacket Emma Shipley'

Most Hissterically Ridiculous Experiences People Have Had With Their Cats At The Vet's Office

ICanHasCheezburger edition.
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15 pictures of cats in vets' office sinks | thumbnail three panels side by side images of cats in sink

Super Sneaky Cats Hiding In Various Sinks Around Their Vets' Offices In Protest

Laugh out loud
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twitter thread about expensive cat vet visits | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Julia Claire @ohJuliatweets Every time I go to the vet they say "That will be $400," and I say okay I will bankrupt myself again for my perfect small cat 6:28 PM - Aug 13, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 1,072 Retweets 78 Quote Tweets 23K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Mega Expensive Vet Visits Suck But Our Purrfect Cats Are Worth Every Penny

Worth it.
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32 cat at vets office pictures | thumbnail left cat on top of cabinet, thumbnail right cat's tail peeping out of cat carrier

A Hissterical Compilation Of Cats Betrayed By Their Humans And Taken To The Vet

They have had enough
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A Youtube video about a tiny orange kitten that was found on the side of the road and nursed back to health | Thumbnail includes a close up of a small abandoned orange kitten with an eye infection

Tiny Abandoned Kitten That Was Given A 50/50 Chance To Live Beats All Odds And Thrives

Faith in humanity = restored
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collection of stories about funny encounters with cat owners at the vet | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Jackie Bolejack I took 2 cats in rolling carriers to the vet. There was a lady in front of me with a springer spaniel. Now the cats and I were 5 foot behind them. Also, this was the 1st year of the pandemic. She turned around and said my dog hates cats. I didn't say anything but I did have a mask on, it was the face of a cat. The dog looked up at me and froze! I guess I was'

Meeting Crazy Cat People At The Vet's Office: The Funniest, Cutest And Overall Most Ridiculous Stories

Stories from the veterinarian's office.
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A TikTok video and 16 funny comments about a cat that gets tricked going to the vet and documents his day | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a black and white cat looking at a pet carrier and a screenshot of the cat inside the carrier 'Why is the transportation prison out? betrayal'

Lincoln The Cat Gets Tricked Into Going To The Vet Via Transportation Prison Bag, Documents The Whole Thing

The betrayal!
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A TikTok video and 15 comments about cat owners paying hundreds of dollars in vet bills just to find out their cats have gas | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a white cat with a yellow blanket 'I took my last cat to check if he'd gone blind and the vet said no he's just ignoring you'

Cat Owners Pay Hundreds Of Dollars In Vet Bills Just To Find Out Their Cats Have Gas

Tell us something we don't know
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A YouTube video about the story of Duo, a rescued kitten with two faces | Thumbnail includes a screenshots a screenshot of a small black two faced kitten and a screenshot of the same kitten but older

Abandoned By Her Mother For Having Two Faces, Duo The Kitten Miraculously Survives And Gets Adopted (Video)

She is the definition of a miracle
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5 TikTok videos about a rescued kitten named Cass | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a kitten holding a human's hand 'turns out he also is blind'

Blind Rescued Kitten Melts Pregnant Woman's Heart So She Lets Him Stay With Her Forever

He scored with this hooman
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5 Tiktoks about a rescued cat named Berry | Thumbnail includes a rescued cat the first day he was taken in, the same cat after healing and the same cat sleeping 'The day my wife found Berry & Now... Now I can take the best naps'

Stray Cat With Horrible Wounds Gets Rescued By Two Guardian Angel Hoomans

Wishing this poor boy the speediest recovery
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A YouTube video of a woman grooming a cat for the first time | Thumbnail includes a dark tortie cat looking up

Babka The Tortie Cat Goes To Groomer And Turns Out To Be A Purrfesional Escape Artist (Video)

She's brilliant
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