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graduating obedience class at the bottom of the class. . .

accident angry biting excuse FAIL mail mailman miniature pinscher police retrieval retrieving upset whoops - 4515338752
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The Cat Won't Help Me Anymore

before breakfast confused poodle puzzle question upset why - 4606220288
See all captions Created by DyannLynn

Not so Happy About Bathtime

puppy bathtime upset - 7753777664
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Drop the Cattitude, Friendo.

disappointed Staring upset Cats - 6792864256
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captions Cats doesnt-fit expressions frowning frowns grumpy if i fits i sits lolcats upset - 6613170176
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barking bulldogs growling puppies squee upset Video videos - 41116673

Animal Videos: The Fussy Puppy

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No Cheezburgers for you!

human lolcat pool service shocked upset - 6399133696
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Classic LOLcat

angry classic classics little mad small tiny upset - 6250510336

Parent kitteh is not mad

child dad Hall of Fame kid mom parent parenting upset - 6187015168
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no mattr hao hard shi trai

disappointed FAIL try trying upset - 5979224320
See all captions Created by Kirakat-Saj-Kesvirit ( Via Floatcat )

Y quedese alli arriba, usted asquerosamente gato!

best of the week chihuahua climbing do not want Hall of Fame hiding pole upset - 5971489280
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Classic LOLcat

best of the week classics do not want dressed up frozen Hall of Fame harbls head snow top upset warm winter - 5973603840

I don't get it.

confused dont for kid little upset - 5941867776
See all captions Created by linda

Classic Lolcat

classics do not want Music piano practice school upset - 5919013376

He's Devistated

clawing depressed Sad tiger tree upset - 5880982528
See all captions Created by Mr_Joekzalott

Animal Capshunz: You Don't Play Fair!

caption children duck duckling ducklings ducks friends home playing run away upset - 5865169664
See all captions Created by DonutNinja
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