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13 cat tweets

The Best Cat Tweets Of The Week For An Extra Dose Of Feline Goodness (June 1, 2023)

Feline goodness in Tweet form
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13 cat tweets cats with confusing auras

Fantastic Feline Tweets Featuring Cats With Confusing Auras For The Soul

Feline goodness
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viral twitter thread about pregnant cats asking humans for help and shelter | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Maladroithe @Maladroithe One thing I've learned in animal rescue: if a stray cat starts clinging to you like a life raft, trying to break into your home, being incredibly affectionate and talkative, there's a pretty decent chance that cat is pregnant and is looking for a safe place to have her babies 11:39 PM . May 23, 2023 9.5M Views 10.4K Retweets 1,027 Quotes 155.8K'

Heartwarming Stories Of Pregnant Cats Choosing Their Humans Right When They're Needed The Most (Viral Twitter Thread)

They've been chosen
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25 cat pictures and memes | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - LET'S TALK BUSINESS' and 'Dog'

Just A Bunch Of Chaotic And Meowy Messy Cat Pics And Tweets For A Freaky Friday (25 Silly Cat Pictures & Memes)

Much ado about kitty cats
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16 cat tweets

The Best Cat Tweets Of The Week For An Extra Dose Of Feline Goodness (May 25, 2023)

Cat tweets for a better day
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twitter thread about a cat bringing a leaf to a shop owner in exchange for fish | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat holding a leaf in its teeth and one tweet 'Font - Justice @UnionRebelMs Seeing people come to buy fish and handing the owner, money, this cat went out and got a leaf to pay for her fish. On the first day, the owner of the shop thought this was very cute, so he gave her a small fish. Now everyday this cat comes in to buy a fish with a leaf. 5:01 AM - Jan 5, 2023'

Story About An Adorable Cat Who Brings A Leaf To A Shop Owner Every Day In Exchange For Fish Goes Viral (Twitter Thread)

Smart and precious.
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18 cat tweets | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - Nick @nick @ellle_em AITA for chewing up hundreds of dollars worth of laptop cords while my humans sleep? My humans seem very upset by it but I'm literally just a cat, just doing my thing. They should protect the cords better and should be playing with me instead of sleeping.' and 'Cat - Beach Friend (they/she) @Twofishie @ellle_em I (13F) love to run up my Dad's body with a giant poofy tail and sneeze directly into his face.'

AITA, But From The Cat's Purrspective: 18 Funny Tweets Of Cats Blaming Everyone Except Themselves

Ignorance is bliss, and these cats are blissful
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20 cat tweets

20 Fabulous & Uplifting Feline Tweets From Twitter Sensation 'Cats That Heal Your Depression'

Feline tweets for a better day
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14 cat tweets

The Best Cat Tweets Of The Week Proving Once Again That Cats Rule The Internet (April 20, 2023)

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viral twitter thread about cats who have been returned to shelters finding their forever homes | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - latke @latkedelrey adopting and then abandoning a cat because it did normal cat things (needed time to warm up to you, had a bathroom accident, scratched furniture, wanted to play) is sinister behavior and if you do it you will burn in hell for eternity 7:54 AM - Apr 11, 2023 · 4.5M Views 13.9K Retweets 878 Quotes 108.9K Likes 1,173 Bookmarks'

Wholesome Stories Of Cats Who Were Abandoned For Ridiculous Reasons Finally Getting Adopted (Viral Twitter Thread)

Finally found their forever home <3
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twitter thread about people adopting senior cats | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - sarah schauer @sarahschauer picture this: you're at a cat shelter, a really old cat slowly makes their way towards you and sits at your feet. Your partner comes running up with two kittens and says "we can go now." The old cat reaches up to touch you but you stand up to go. You guys walk out 1:44 AM - Nov 10, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 973 Retweets 483 Quote Tweets 42.3K Likes'

Wholesome Stories About People Choosing To Adopt Senior Cats Over Kittens (Twitter Thread)

Senior kitties deserve so much love <3
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15 cat tweets cats working

Hilarious Cat Tweets Featuring Hard Working Felines On The 9-5 Grind (15 Cats With Jobs)

The grind don't sleep
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20 funny tweets with cats hiding in images

Hissterical Feline Tweets That Definitely Do Not Feature Cats Nope No Cats To Be Found In These Images

Pure feline silliness
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20 cat tweets smol smilly cats

20 Purrfectly Funny Feline Tweets Featuring Smol And Silly Cats

Hissterical tweets
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list of wholesome and adorable cat pictures | thumbnail includes two pictures including row of white kittens sleeping and a smiling gray cat

The Best 18 Pawdorable Cat Pictures To Convince Any Cat Hater To Adopt And Love A Furball

Too cute!
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wholesome tweets about senior cats getting adopted | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat lying on a desk and one tweet 'Cat - Peter @cellobuddy Replying to @_B____S This is Claude. He was 12-13 when we adopted him. He chose us at the shelter when he showed us so much attention and love right from the start. The volunteer at the shelter started crying because she said nobody adopts senior cats there, especially black cats! He's about 17 now. 2:27 AM • Mar 26, 2023 80K Views'

Heartwarming Stories Of People Finally Adopting Senior Cats Who Have Been Living In Shelters For A Long Time

They've finally found their furrever homes
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