I Can Has Cheezburger?


twitter thread about a bunch of people rescuing pregnant cats and adopting them and their babies | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat cuddling a bunch of kittens and one tweet 'Cat - www Frances and Family @francesandfam 8 months ago I brought Frances inside. 2 days later she gave birth. I never thought I could ever love anything as much as I love them. 6 cats was never part of my plans but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the whole world. Thank you for helping us all stay a family.'

Twitter Thread: Adopting Pregnant Cats And Wholesome Stories Of People Keeping Their Babies Too

Adopting whole feline families <3
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12 cat tweets, cats tripping humans | thumbnail image of cat blending into stairs, close up of cats face tweet "memes i wish i could tag my cat in @memesiwish My cat acts like he took a life insurance policy out on me and he's the benefactor. 1:59 PM. Apr 27, 2022. Twitter for Android 20.8K Retweets 372 Quote Tweets 199.1K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Cats Just Want To Trip Their Humans And Collect That Life Insurance Mula

Pure feline hilarity
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14 cat tweets heads resting | thumbnail cat resting head atop table tweet "Panko A. Cat @fatfatpankocat Her head is very heavy because of all of her thoughts 10:55 PM · Apr 23, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 44.2K Retweets 1,481 Quote Tweets 343.8K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Tired Cats With Heavy Heads Full Of Deep Thoughts

Big thinkers
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12 pallas cat tweets | thumbnail left and right images of pallas's cats in wild, tweet "sail @saildraws happy international pallas cat day!!! I love these stubby wild cats Saildraws 10:01 AM · Apr 24, 2022"

Celebrating International Pallas’s Cat Day The Best Way We Know How: Pawesome Pallas Cat Tweets

Celebrate good times, come on!
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11cat tweets | thumbnail left two cats at table "coffee break" thumbnail right cat taking bath in sink, bubbles on head "cuteness"

This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (April 22, 2022)

Purrific tweets y'all
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10 tweets cat thread | thumbnail blue background "charlie @chunkbardey sooo important to keep your cat stimulated by asking it questions like "who's my cute guy" “who's the smallest little guy" "who's my tiny little cutie pie mr man" "where's my little friend. where is my tiny little friend" 6:01 PM · Apr 17, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 10.6K Retweets 707 Quote Tweets 94.2K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Cat Loving Humans Emphasize The Importance Of Keeping Cats Stimulated In The Silliest Ways

A laugh a day keeps the vet away
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12 cat tweets | thumbnail image of cat paw on stop of human hand in front of computer "my cat has contributed, he now gets co-authorship."

This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (April 15, 2022)

Meow for more
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twitter thread about a waitress asking a woman if she ever taught her about dinosaur poop | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Dr Susannah Lydon ... @susieoftraken So last night we went to eat at a pub, and the young woman serving us said to me "Can I ask you a weird question?". The only answer you can ever give to that question is "Of course..." "Did you come to my school when I was little and show me dinosaur poo?" 1/3 1:50 PM · Apr 9, 2022 - Twitter'

Twitter Thread: Woman Recognizes Old Teacher From Lesson About Fossils And Wholesomeness Ensues

Memorable dino poop.
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22 animal memes and tweets | thumbnail left open carry concealed carry, porcuipine and skunk, thumbnail left cat tweet "bimbo genius @littlemotel Most of u know cheddar has medical issues and tears thru his bandages. pet clothes r expensive so I made him a flannel out of an old sleeve 12:04 PM May 12, 2017 141K 517 1 Share this Tweet"

Mid-Week Animal Memes And Tweets For The Soul

A delightful treat in the middle of the week
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27 dog memes and tweets | thumbnail left dog with snow as buck teeth snapchat "My dog put his face in the snow, when he lifted his head the snow and some grass made it look like he had buck teeth nes" thumbnail right dogs sitting on lawn chairs tweet

Dandy Good Doggo Meme Dumperoo Featuring Very Good Bois And Gals

Good bois and gals make for some BIG laughs
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viral tweets about a funny cat that looks perpetually shocked | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat with huge wide eyes and one tweet 'Cat - jinx @bigfootjinx ... every single morning i wake up to jinx sitting on my pillow staring into my soul READING'

Perpetually Spooked Cat Who Looks Like A 'Stuffed Animal' Goes Mega Viral On Twitter

Going viral over and over and over.
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11 cat tweets | thumbnail cat sitting on guy's head, "he's got his thinking cat on"

This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (April 8, 2022)

Purrific tweets
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twitter thread about hermit crabs exchanging shells | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - sloane (sîpihkopiyesîs) @cottoncandaddy I just learned that if a hermit crab finds a new shell that is too big it will wait for other hermit crabs who need new shells to gather and then they will organize themselves by size and trade shells and I am pissed that the crabs have a better housing market than we do 6:34 AM Apr 3, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 45.2K Retweets 838 Quote Tweets 384K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Hermit Crabs Organizing Themselves Based On Size And Trading Shells

And amusing twitter users.
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twitter thread about people wanting to adopt kittens before they are ready to be adopted | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Elle Em @elle em People: I would like to adopt a kitten Me: ok well they will be available in like six weeks People: no I want one now Me: they're still bottle-feeding People: ok but they're small and cute now Me: they will be small and cute in six weeks People: no they will be old Me: 12:49 PM - Mar 31, 2022 - Twitter Web App 929 Retweets 128 Quote Tweets 29.4K Likes'

Explaining Why It's Important To Adopt Kittens Only When They Are Ready: Twitter Thread

Waiting a bit is important.
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12 dog tweets thread, dog takes own poop bag to trash | thumbnail blue background tweet text "At the dog park this morning, a woman picked up her dog's poop, tied it, and handed it to her dog. Then THE DOG TOOK THE POOP BAG AND RAN UP THE HILL TO A TRASH CAN. The dog missed the can, so the woman called out “fix it" and THE DOG PICKED IT UP AND PUT IT IN THE CAN"

Smart Doggo Throws Away His Own Poop Baggy, Dog-Owning Twitter Users React In Awe: Twitter Thread

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12 dog tweets | thumbnail image of small dog with huge ears "WeRateDogs® @dog_rates We only rate dogs. This is a mythical wizard. Clearly full of infinite wisdom, but please only send dogs. Thank you... 14/10 Tack för att du visar hänsyni 10:49 PM · Mar 28, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 6,533 Retweets 409 Quote Tweets 113.9K Likes"

12 Of The Bestest Most Rufferific Doggo Tweets

Dog themed Twitter goodness
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