I Can Has Cheezburger?


You better stick that tongue back in your mouth right this instant. The strongest muscle in the body and also one of the most versatile, and one we probably have more control over than any other. These slippery jokes and puns will have you tongue-wagging.


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lick tongue Cats - 1061637

Some Cats Just Want to Lick Everything They Can Get Their Rough Little Tongues On

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Cow Hilariously Tries to Lick Woman in Her Car With Its Super Long Tongue

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This Horse Is All of Us Trying to Make the First Move

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Cat and Bulldog Take Turns Giving Each Other a Bath

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Watch a German Shepherd Drink Water in Slow Motion; It's Fascinating

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he still makes the same dorky face 2 years later

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Firefox Has Encountered an Error and Needs to Restart

firefox has encountered an error and needs to restart
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Cat got your tongue!

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Doggy blep!

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Excited Pug

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My dog has a pink mustache

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How Could You?

how could you
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Double the Blep

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snapchat cute tongue Cats Video filter - 243463

The Cutest Puppy Ever is Actually This Kitten Using a Snapchat Filter

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