I Can Has Cheezburger?


You better stick that tongue back in your mouth right this instant. The strongest muscle in the body and also one of the most versatile, and one we probably have more control over than any other. These slippery jokes and puns will have you tongue-wagging.

Dis Wok iz Goan Taek Awile

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Cats Have Unique Ways of Helping with Homework

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I Wasn't Ready for My Closeup

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The Tongue Offsets it Just Enough

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Monday is on its Way After All`

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Next Up Christmas Dinner

christmas thanksgiving dachshund tongue stuffed - 8392270592
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Dis is Harder Den I Thawt

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Elegance is Hard to Achieve

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NatGeo outtakes

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Oh Hai There

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It Doesn't Work Very Well, but It's Super Cute

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Nanny Nanny Shih Tzu! This Pup Does a Taunting Trick for Treats

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Waith, Whath?

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The Horror of It All

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I Doan Wanna Be Full Awn Rood Juss Yet

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Hurry Up and Take the Picture

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