I Can Has Cheezburger?


You better stick that tongue back in your mouth right this instant. The strongest muscle in the body and also one of the most versatile, and one we probably have more control over than any other. These slippery jokes and puns will have you tongue-wagging.

pictures of cats doing bleps | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats with their tongues peeking out

Cats Purrfecting The Art Of The Bloopidy Bleppity Belp

A fresh collection of bleps.
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5 TikToks of cats being groomed with a toothbrush | Thumbnail includes 3 cats being groomed by a toothbrush 'He loved it so much I appear to have accidentally unlocked a childhood trauma for my kitty...'

Cat Owners Brush Their Cats' Heads With Toothbrushes Because It Reminds Them Of Their Mommies

Bittersweet childhood memories
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17 photos of dogs sticking their tongues out | Thumbnail includes three dogs: a boxer, a pitbull, and a french bulldog sticking their tongues out '24/7 long blop'

Reddit's Top 17 Awwdorable Doggo Blops Of The Week

Blep boop blop blooop
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pictures of cats with their tongues sticking out | thumbnail includes two pictures with their cats sticking out doing the blep

17 Bloopidy Bleppity Awwdorable Cat Bleps

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pictures of cats with their tongues sticking out | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten doing a blep and a black cat doing a blep

When The Catnip Hits Too Hard: Cat Bleps

Where... am... I...
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pictures of dogs doing the blep with their tongue sticking out thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog with its tongue lolling and another of a dog lying on a bed with its tongue out

Doggo Side-Bleps Of Pure Joy (Pics)

happy doggos = happy us
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tumblr thread about a dumb dog who licks doors whenever he wants to go outside thumbnail includes a picture of a dog licking a closet door and the text 'Now whenever he needs out, he will go to any random door and start licking it. And I mean any door - the bathroom door, my bedroom door, my closet, the goddamn door of a kitchen cabinet, even'

Tumblr Thread: Dog Licks Doors Whenever He Wants To Go Out

the bedroom door, the bathroom door, the cabinet door, the shower door, and the closet door..........
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pictures of foxes with their tongues out bleps thumbnail includes two pictures including a fox with its tongue out placing its head on a human's hands and another of a fox with its tongue out lying down on its side

Wonderful Bleping Weekend With Some Fox Bleps

The elusive blep performed by none other than... *drum roll* foxes!
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pictures and tweets of cats with their tongues out blep thumbnail includes two pictures of cats one with a dark cat looking at the camera with its tongue out and another with a grey cat with its tongue out sitting on top of a black cat

Bleps: Cats With Their Tongues Peeking Out

Puurfect cats doing the bleps
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the weirdest tounges in the animal kingdom

14 Animals With The Weirdest Tongues Ever

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cat pulls his tongoue

Meet The Cat Who Loves To Stick Out Its Tongue In Front Of The Camera

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Funny photos of bear tongues

Enjoy This Hilarious Collection Of Bear Tongeus

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baby tongue Video hippo suckling - 85990913

Is There Anything Cuter Than a Baby Hippo Suckling in Her Sleep?

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mlem tongue Cats - 9000380160
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Cat Got Your Tongue! Wait...

tongue Cats - 9000292096
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Toilet Paper Tongue

Via qneville
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