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26 before and after photos of rescued cats | Thumbnail includes a before and after photo of an orange rescued cat

Power Of Love: 26 Before And After Photos Of Cats That Were Loved Back To Health

These hoomans are the most amazing hoomans ever
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22 photos and short stories of people adopting feral cats | Thumbnail includes black and white kitten 'I've raised a daughter who went to the shelter to adopt a stray cat, and a son who took pictures of this mess of a kitten to show his friends and took her to sleep with him. Let's face the truth here: she's not (yet) anywhere near cute, and that doesn't bother him at all.'

Mother Praises Her Daughter For Adopting An 'Unadoptable' Cat

She raised her kids right
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story about a kitten losing his sister and finding anther kitten to spend life with in a shelter | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten and another of two kittens side by side

Kitten Who Sadly Lost Its Brother Meets Another Rescued Kitten And Instantly Chooses It For Life

They were meant to be <3
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7 TikTok videos about a cat that adopted her own human | Thumbnail includes cat and her human, cat and her dog sister, and cat eating 'this street cat just begged to get in my car and now she's had a bath and is cuddling me in bed she loves it!!! her palate is elevated'

Street Cat Follows Woman For A Year Then Decides To Adopt Her Herself

They found a bond in each other
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4 TikTok videos about the story of Miracle, a rescued kitten | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of the small kitten in a human hand, drinking milk, and first time opening her eyes 'I found this kitten dragging her self in the hot concrete street with ongoing traffic passing on top of her till noticed her and stopped Turns out she was 2 days old and had to be bottle fed every 2 hours When she first opened up both eyes'

Wonder Woman Stops Traffic To Rescue 2-Day-Old Kitten And Names Her Miracle

She's a hero
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An article with 6 TikTok videos about Milo the rescued but now spoiled cat | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of Milo 'When your previous owners abandon and leave you on the streets.. But then a college student finds and rescues you...So we got him his own queen sized bed'

Abandoned Adult Cat Gets Rescued By A College Student Who Now Spoils Him Like There's No Tomorrow

Started from the bottom now he's chilling in his own room
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An article with 3 TikTok videos about Ivy the rescue cat and her new cat siblings | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of Ivy the kitten 'She always hissed at us because she was so scared She started doing so well She didn't move, so we had to feed her by hand'

5 Weeks Old And Abandoned On The Side Of The Road: The Story Of A Kitten Named Ivy

We're so glad Ivy found the home she deserves
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27 before and after photos of rescued cats | Thumbnail includes a before photo of a feral cat and an after photo of child holding the cat 'Me to my daughter: that cat is a stray, he doesn’t like humans. You won’t be able to pet him vs My daughter and Fuzzball (her name choice) one week later'

Power Of Love: 27 Before And After Photos Of Cats That Got A Second Chance (April 27, 2022)

Love at first sight, the rest is hissstory
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27 before and after photos of rescued dogs | Thumbnail includes a before photo of a dog in a shelter and an after photo of the same dog but adopted 'The first time we saw him at the shelter vs his first week at home with us'

Power Of Love: 27 Before And After Photos Of Doggos That Got A Second Chance (April 29, 2022)

A little bit of love and kindness please
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story about a shy kitten getting rescued and learning to love humans | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten sitting on a woman's shoulder and four kittens in a carrier

Kitten Rescued Alongside His Siblings, Shyest Of The Litter, Turns Out To Be A Huge Cuddle-Bug

Absolutely awwdorable.
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An article with 5 tiktok videos about Quin, her two cats, and their life on the roat | Thumbnail includes three screenshots from Tiktok videos with bedding, cats, a waterfall, and the ocean

Wonder Woman Cat Lady Rescued Two Cats Then Traded Her 9-5 For The Van Life

She's living life
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collection of wholesome mom themed cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a cat surrounded by hearts 'Cat - SENDING LOVE Quick reminder that you're important, loved, and deserving of happiness. Citrine believes in you XOXO' and a mom looking lovingly at a bunch of cats 'Smile - My parents were having a rough time so l invited them over to play with my five foster kittens. This is my new favorite photo of my mom'

Wholesome Cat Memes My Mom Sent Me This Week After She Rescued A New Kitten

Wholesome wholesome and more wholesome.
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21 stories of rescued pets | Thumbnail includes a picture of two dogs and two cats hugging and sleeping 'Have you ever adopted a rescue animal?'

21 Short Stories Of Adopted Animals: A Twitter Thread

Suddenly we have faith in humanity
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18 screenshots from a twitter thread about previously abused cats and their insecurities | Thumbnail includes an orange cat laying on the carpet ' I was very very hungry a lot when I was Outside, so I still get worried about there being enough food even here Inside. This is not a food or eating issue. It is a feelings issue, so I learned some things about that...'

POV: Rescued Cat Explains Why They Are The Way They Are

They're still perfect in our eyes
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video of a kookaburra cuddling with a human | thumbnail includes a picture of a kookaburra sitting on a person

Woman Rescues Wild Kookaburra, It Jumps On Her For Some Cuddles (Video)

We want a tiny Kookaburra friend too.
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original story about a bobcat kitten getting mistaken for a house cat and getting adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures including a bobcat peeking from behind a tree and a bobcat stretching on a log

Abandoned Bobcat Kitten Mistaken As Housecat, Gets Rescued, Starts Acting Like One Anyways

A cat will be a cat.
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