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4 TikToks about an adopted senior cat | Thumbnail includes a cat in a cage, a woman holding a cat, and a cat in a cat bed 'Welcome home, Mallie'

Woman Goes To Petco To Pick Up Litter But Ends Up Adopting A Senior Cat Instead

Just another pawesome rescue story <3
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4 TikToks about a rescued cat named Millie and her human trying to build a trusting relationship with her | Thumbnail includes a black and white cat eating, sitting in a box, and sitting on a purple carpet 'This beautiful girl had been visiting for food since we moved here 2 years ago. It's been a slow process. Some days are better than others.'

After 2 Years Of Feeding Feral Cat, Woman Rescues Her And Works To Earn Her Trust

The key is to be patient and kind
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33 before and after photos of cats before and after adoption | Thumbnail includes a sick kitten before she was adopted and a healthy cat after her adoption

Power Of Love: 33 Photos And Stories Of Cats Before And After Adoption

These cats deserve the world, thankfully they finally found someone who can give it to them
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4 TikToks of a cat named Floof and her adoption story | Thumbnail includes two cats laying inside and a kitten outside, a kitten and a cat playing, and a kitten laying in bed with a human 'And loves cuddles now! Welcome to the family Floof! We saw a little kitten crying He was pretty scared at first outside by our door But wanted to meet his new siblings'

Wholesome Story Of How A Kitten Named Floof Got Adopted Into A Cat Family Of 4

She took things into her own paws
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A YouTube video about two cats that were rescued who were scared and hissy but then became sweet | Thumbnail includes two photos of a grey and white cat

Rescued Cat Goes From Being Hissy And Scared To Gentle And Sweet (Video)

All it took was some love and pampering
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5 TikToks about 16-year-old cat Max with leukemia who is looking for a forever home | Thumbnail includes three screenshots from TikToks: cat laying on woman, woman holding cat, and cat under a bed 'Onineishlives after 6 years in the shelter, my 16 year old shy Feline Leukemia Positive foster cat Max is no longer so shy and seems happy and knows hets safe after 6 years in the I love being his foster mom and am wondering if you want to be his forever home'

After 6 Years In Shelter, 16-Year-Old Cat Gets Fostered And Is Now Looking To Be Adopted

We're hopeful for a happy ending
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An article about a sad cat named Kelvin and his adoption story | Thumbnail includes a cat in a cage, a cat under a table, and a cat in a towel with human

Woman Drives 8 Hours To Adopt Kelvin, The Saddest Cat She's Ever Seen

Adopt, don't shop
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3 TikToks of Benny the rescued cat | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of Benny the rescued cat 'Hi! My name is Benjamin J. Wheeler. My humans call me Benny.'

Hoomans Celebrate As Their Rescued Cat Finally Starts Showing Affection After 6 Months

Trust takes time and that's okay
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33 before and after photos of cats that were previously abandoned but then found amazing humans to take care of them and nurse them back to health | Thumbnail includes a before picture of a neglected orange kitten and an after picture of human hugging cat

Power Of Love: 33 Before And After Glow Up Photos Of Cats Post Adoption

Use your power consciously
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6 TikTok videos about Maverick, the rescued cat, who became an adventure cat hiking mountains and travelling with his family | Thumbnail includes Maverick sitting on a rock by the water, Maverick on a cliff, and Maverick in the desert

Rescued Kitten Went From Climbing 6-Foot Cage At Shelter To Climbing Mountains

Hashtag manifested
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A video about the rescue story of a feral cat named Fred | Thumbnail includes a white and orange cat laying on a boat

Fred The Feral Cat Seeks Refuge In Marina, Ends Up Being Adopted And Becoming A Boat Cat (Video)

Seafood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
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An article with 6 screenshots and 2 tiktok videos about the story of a girl surprising her dad with a rescued cat | Thumbnail includes a photo of the rescued cat, a photo of the dad, and a selfie with dad and cat 'surprising my dad with a cat he's pissed'

Dad Goes From Texting About How Bad The Cat Is To Texting Cute Pictures Of Cat's Criminal Activities

There's nothing more wholesome than a story about a dad going from ‘no pets in the house’ to forever falling in love with the fella.
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7 TikToks about a judgy cat named Louis and his adopted cat sister Melo | Thumbnail includes screenshots of Louis judging Melo and Melo reaching for Louis' birthday cake 'And your opinion means nothing to me. POV: It's your birthday and your sibling tries to blow out your birthday candle'

The Story Of Louis: The Judgiest Cat Of TikTok Learning To Love His Sister Melo

Older sibling tingz
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story about a mom cat keeping her kittens safe until humans came to rescue them | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat under a crate and a cat with a few kittens

Cat Mom Keeps Her Kittens Safe Under A Trunk From Rain Until They Are Found And Taken Into A Warm Home

A happy ending on mother's day <3
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7 TikToks about Ginny, a rescued senior cat and her food insecurities | Thumbnail includes Ginny the senior cat laying on a chair, Ginny laying on the floor, and Ginny waiting to be petted 'You've just been rescued as the only pet of a millennial couple who work-from-home. Ginny hates to eat alone. She likes the company and reassurance that it's safe.'

Hoomans Adopt Senior Cat Ginny And Help Her Deal With Her Food Insecurities

Best hoomans ever
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26 before and after photos of rescued cats | Thumbnail includes a before and after photo of an orange rescued cat

Power Of Love: 26 Before And After Photos Of Cats That Were Loved Back To Health

These hoomans are the most amazing hoomans ever
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