I Can Has Cheezburger?


Cute toddler is upset because his dog won't let him eat his toe beans

Video of a Toddler Upset That His Dog Won't Let Him "Eat Her Toe Beans" Is Going Viral on TikTok

The dog looks into the camera with eyes that say, “that's heckin' right.”
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a super cute airport sniffer dog retires and gets and amazing surprise | thumbnail includes text saying 'After more than eight years of service, this TSA airport sniffer dog officially retired..  This is how they surprised him on his final bag search.. '

Airport Sniffer Dog Retires And Gets A Pawsome Surprise On Last Day

The Best Surprise Ever!
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cute illustrations of life before and after adopting a dog | thumbnail includes a drawing with text saying 'before' and 'after'

Relatable Illustrations Of Life Before And After Adopting A Dog

Life Changes Fast
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Dog giving side eye goes viral on tiktok

This Viral Dog on TikTok Gives a Disapproving Look Every Time His Pug Brother Is Being Annoying

He's like, “control your child, dad."
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Viral TikTok of dog in hoodie getting saved and has an emotional reunion with owner

Emotional Video of Woman Getting Reunited with Her Deceased Daughter's Lost Dog Is Going Viral on TikTok

The 5-part sage is the most wholesome story.
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a super cute video about a dog who greets his mailwoman every single day | thumbnail is a photo of the dog cuddling the mailwoman

Dog Waits For His Favorite Mailwoman Every Day (Video)

What a cute surprise!
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a wholesome series of before and after photos of adopted animals | thumbnail includes two photos of a dog before and after adoption with text 'before after!'

Before And After Adoption: Spectacular Pet Glowups

Take a look at the power of love!
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Two stray dogs are best friends, one is pregnant and got hit by a car, Tiktok goes viral of woman saving the pup couple.

3 Part TikTok Goes Viral of Woman Rescuing a Pregnant Stray Hit by a Car and Her Loyal Friend Who Won't Leave Her Side

The two dogs are now off the streets, but not out of the woods—rescuing isn't easy.
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a woman chooses to pay for her dog's surgery over her parents and asks the internet if she's the asshole | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA for paying for my dogs surgery but not my mothers?I (f23) was raised by 2 parents who believe that being a parent ends once the child turns 18. The moment I turned 18 I was forced to pay rent and for all other costs associated with my survival if you will. I ended up moving out until I graduated high school and moved in my college dorm.'

Parents Enraged After Adult Daughter Prioritizes Her Dog's Surgery Over Theirs: Reddit Thread

Who comes first in your life?
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Delivery guys in love with dogs on their route

Top 10 TikToks of Delivery Guys In Love With the Dogs On Their Routes

The dog stereotype of hating delivery workers is over.
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an article about a man trying to win his ex back using his dog's instagram | thumbnail includes text saying 'not this man messaging me from his dog's instagram AS THE DOG'

People Are Using Their Pets To Win Their Exes Back And It's Lowkey Working

Cute or cringe?
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photos of delicious food with a doggo behind looking jealous | thumbnail includes two photos of the dog staring hungrily at a giant ham

Poor Doggo Watches Hooman Eat Delicious Feast Without Him

Give that doggo a bite!
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a drama filled article about a tiktoker who left his cat alone with 5 days worth of food and water | thumbnail includes text saying

TikToker Leaves Cat Unsupervised For Five Days: Internet Reacts

Would you do this?
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a beautiful series of before and after photos of animals after adoption | thumbnail includes the before and after of a sickly dog that was adopted

Power Of Love: Before And After Adoption Glowups

The miracle of adoption!
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a dramatic reddit thread about a woman asking her cousin to change her two-year-old dog's name | thumbnail includes text saying 'My cousin knows my dogs name as she has been around her a few times at family gatherings, but however after she baby was born she told me that i needed to change my dogs name. i asked why and she said that it wasn't okay for me to have named my dog after her daughter.'

Asked By Cousin To Change Her Adult Dog's Name: Reddit Thread

Is two a crowd?
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a reddit thread where a man questions whether his girlfriend is too obsessed with her dog | thumbnail includes text saying 'I think my gf has an unhealthy obsession with her dog. Family are telling me to run. She has SO many clothes for her dog brushes her dogs teeth every single day has all these dental products for her dog like dental mouth wash'

Man Claims Girlfriend Cares Too Much About Her Dog, Internet Weighs In

Obsessed or just a dog mom?
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