I Can Has Cheezburger?


How Thoughtful

gave my cat something to read while doing business
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This Poor Man Can't Poop in Peace

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And Brush Your Teeth

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The Eagle Has Landed

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I Hope There's A Big Plastic Baggie Attached To The Landing

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I'd Leave It On The Doorstep But I Don't Want You To Step In It

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The Cat Hasn't Been Leaving You Those Out Of Love

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This Little Girl Gave Her Dog An Adorable Pep Talk

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You've Got To Move It, Move It

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There's Not A Lot Of Dough Involved

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Two Werdz Hoomin...Poop Bunker

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The Poospiracy Begins

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Dude, Don't Watch! Why Are You Crouching Like That?

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Right Into the Mid Life Crisis Convertible

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Maybe He Thinks Your Keeping Watch During Walks

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Who's a Good Boy? Not Me

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