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funny stories of cats going to the vet for silly reasons and forcing their owners to pay a lot of money | thumbnail includes a picture of a surprised looking black cats 'r/cats u/placeboeffex . 6d $307 later to be diagnosed with "she has to fart" Cat Picture 28.5k 687 Comments Join'

Painfully Hilarious Vet Visits Of Constipated Cats Who 'Just Needed To Fart' And Ended Up Costing Hundreds Of Dollars

Relieved yet in financial pain
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A TikTok video and 14 comments about a cat that cleans the litter after her brother uses it | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of an orange cat and a grey cat 'nah bc my cat drops the stinkiest shats and then scrapes at the air, then my other cat goes in and takes care of it'

Orange Cat Doesn't Flush After He Goes Number Two So His Sister Does It For Him

We wonder who the angel child is
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4 TikToks of cat people being shocked that non-cat people don't have companions to poop with | Thumbnail includes a woman looking at a black cat, three cats looking up at a camera, and a woman holding a cat in the bathroom

Cat Owners Are Flabbergasted That Non-Cat People Poop By Themselves (Without A Cat)

Poor things, they have no one to protect them from the scary bathroom stuff
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twitter thread about a waitress asking a woman if she ever taught her about dinosaur poop | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Dr Susannah Lydon ... @susieoftraken So last night we went to eat at a pub, and the young woman serving us said to me "Can I ask you a weird question?". The only answer you can ever give to that question is "Of course..." "Did you come to my school when I was little and show me dinosaur poo?" 1/3 1:50 PM · Apr 9, 2022 - Twitter'

Twitter Thread: Woman Recognizes Old Teacher From Lesson About Fossils And Wholesomeness Ensues

Memorable dino poop.
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It's not a real problem, but strange and funny. Right when she is done with her business, she runs through the home, stops, and runs a again in different directions, scratch the couch, and just acts like on drugs for some minutes. Is this normal behaviour and why? She's a grown cat, not a kitten."10 reddit text images, cats pooping and going crazy | thumbnail includes image of cat going into litter box, text "

Cat Owning Redditors Discuss The Post Poop Zoomies: Cats Going Crazy After A Dump

'Poomies' if you will
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Churnalism piece about mechanical pooper scooper invented by Beetl | thumbnail includes photoshopped image of a dog on a toilet and a photo of the robotic pooper scooper

In The Making: Mechanical Pooper Scooper For The Modern Day Dog Owner

pooping scooping just got a whole lot easier
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Facebook comments about cats being constipated and causing expensive vet visits | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Christine Gutierrez My Tucker recently gave himself bowel obstruction after eating piece foam rubber. He spent 28 hours ICU, had barium study and pooped out. Thank goodness. His poop only cost $1750. O353 Like Reply Hide Send Message 1d'

Hyper-Expensive Cat Poops: Unexpected Vet Visits Of Constipated Cats Costing Thousands

Louis Vuitton-level cat turds.
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tweets of dogs pooping at inappropriate times | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Sophie Bramnick @sophiebramnick laughing until i cry because this guy's dog just started taking a dump in the middle of the street and cars started honking and the guy yelled "you're stressing him out! he deadass has IBS!" 12:08 AM - Aug 22, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 11.7K Retweets 369 Quote Tweets 177.8K Likes'

Crosswalk Poop Bandits: Tweets Of Doggos Who Just Can't Hold It In

Poor poop pups.
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cats who poop standing up have zero cares and all the chill | thumbnail includes three pictures of cats pooping standing up

Cats Who Poop Standing Up Have All The Chill And Zero Cares

Because why sit when you can stand
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dog poo poop crufts funny tweets twitter reactions animals doggo shit dump lol | tweet by Daniel Maier @danielmaier Full credit crufts gallery keeping camera on Maisie duration her victory shit. funny dachshund dog pooping live on tv

Cruft's 2020 Winning Doggo Poos In Middle Of Arena

Shit happens
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cute sheep learning to walk

Molly, The Sheep, Overcoming Great Odds And Filling Our Hearts With Joy (19 Images)

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poop career litter box research Cats - 6570245

Owning a Cat? You Wouldn't Believe How It Can Boost Your Career

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Stoopid clouds poopd on mai hed agin

boxer clouds head poop - 2131413760
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Help! Dunt leef meh alone wif dis burd!

poop birds puppy bath mean what breed - 6691591936
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funny poop invention - 1179909

Gift of the Day: Dog Owners, Rejoice! The Hands Free Pooper Scooper is Here

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Dog Help Line

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