I Can Has Cheezburger?


Gotta Follow the Rules...

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The Internet is Full of Crap

computer internet poop - 7983493120
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Mystery Solved

bears poop sayings woods - 7929865472
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Duke Hated Community Service, but he Knew it was Taking an Awful Chance When he Urinated in Public

poop public chocolate - 7297362432
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I Don't Care How Cute You Are! No More Poops in the House!

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Even If He's the Champ, he Definitely Didn't Win

poop gross hide and seek toilet Cats - 7821466112
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Some Birds Just Need More Fiber

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Seagulls Are Real Jerks

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Puppy Logic

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Commence Attack!

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Now How Am I Supposed to Use it?

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They Won't Find It for Weeks!

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By Franward

Please Please Please

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He's Had Enough

cat poop funny enough - 7670501888
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I Dare Say I Had a Bit of an Oopsie Daisy

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So Whatta-ya Say to Letting Me Have Some of That People Food?

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