I Can Has Cheezburger?


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This Parakeet Knows How to Sweet Talk its Human

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This Time, The Odd Bird is In!

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By conans
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Shoosh! I'm Admiring Myself

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You Don't Want to Hear What Else He's Learned

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Parrot Shower

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By Unknown

Even If You Don't Have Teeth... You Should Still Brush Your Teeth.

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By Unknown

No wonder you can't fly!

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Scary Stories

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Around the Interwebz: My Bird's Whip is Better Than Yours

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Via People Pets

Hitchin' a Ride

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By Unknown

Perfect Can Opener

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By Unknown

Bunday: Little Birdie

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Via Addelburgh

Reader Squee: Baby AnnaBella

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By AnnaBellas-Mom

I'm A Daredevil.

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Or Just Skip to Step Three

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By PetePete

What Can I Do for You?

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