I Can Has Cheezburger?


I'm A Daredevil.

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Or Just Skip to Step Three

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By PetePete

What Can I Do for You?

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Reader Squee: Sleepy Baby

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Flying South

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By greyguy1

Ready for the Roller Derby

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By Unknown

Polly DEMANDS a Cracker

polly want a cracker now demand angry parrot - 6645030144
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Just as Thrilling, But Much Nicer

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And Put Some Caviar On It

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Polly Wants Subliminal Results

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This Ending Will Not Be for Kids

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We Showed Them

cat parrot never last relationship hug They Said - 6623210496
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Should Have Gone With Truth

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The 'Sitter's Anguished Plea

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Tell Me Your Wisdom

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Feeding Frenzy

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