I Can Has Cheezburger?


I Has A Hotdog: Over Achiever

bird parrot stick trick - 6392259328
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Reader Squee: Opal

angry birds bird cockatoo parrot reader squee toys - 6414382592
By Unknown

Reader Squee: Zelda

bird doll parrot pet reader squee stuffed animal - 6413543168
By eva8 (Via Eva 8)

Reader Squee: I'm Ready For My Close Up

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By Orcalinkinpark

Animal Capshunz: I'll Be Here All Week, Try the Birdseed

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All the Puppies are Doing It

cool Fluffy parrot puppy - 6294524928
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And we all know what happens to *them*

bird parrot sit tail trouble - 6294864640
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Reader Squee: I said, "No pictures!"

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By jensva

Reader Squee: Angry bird

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By Unknown

Oh That's The Spot!

bird blue cute parrot scratch - 6261560576
By Unknown

Reader Squee: This Hat is Itchy!

hat itch parrot pet reader squee - 4351440384
By Katherine Willow

Good Day Sunshine!

bird flowers parrot Tropical wings - 4390686720
By EvilMissQueenB
birds chihuahua parrot play steal Video vs - 37441281

Animal Videos: Battle for the Yogurt

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Animal Gifs: Parrot Lurve

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By Unknown

And I DON'T Want a Cracker!

cracker indignant parrot Pirate rules shoulder sit - 5986814720
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Don't Judge the Book

bird camouflage feather hide parrot pose pretend rabbit - 5936807424
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