I Can Has Cheezburger?


Maybe a Little Too Much

hugging love parrot too much watermelon - 6560892160
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What Aren't You Telling Me

angry cat bed parrot scratching post suspicious - 6551902720
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Not That it's Any of Your Business

disbelief eggs kidding parrot - 6546274560
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Animal Capshunz: Always Thought the Pilot Needed More Colour!

alien audition bird birds captions color parrot parrots pilot remake - 6545299456
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Haven't Heard That One a Thousand Times!

angry i dare you One More Time parrot polly want a cracker threat - 6544218880
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Someone Might Have a Problem With That

annoyed cat parrot sitting tail - 6511421696
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Animal Capshunz: Sadly, the Friendship was Short-Lived as It was Almost Dinner Time

captions friends hug parrot watermelon - 6507433984
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Didn't Even Know That was Possible

cat color everything parrot pun - 6453029888
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Animal Capshunz: First World Bird Problems

books captions close up frustrated parrot polly want a cracker reading - 6450833664
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Parrot Scritches

bird friend gifs parrot pet scratch - 6488053248
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Learn to resist...

bird cat parrot - 6450915328
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Animal Gifs: Who Are You Talking To?!

angry birds camera excited parrot - 6450331136
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Reader Squee: Rootbeer

bird parrot pet reader squee - 4280549120
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I Has A Hotdog: Over Achiever

bird parrot stick trick - 6392259328
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Reader Squee: Opal

angry birds bird cockatoo parrot reader squee toys - 6414382592
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Reader Squee: Zelda

bird doll parrot pet reader squee stuffed animal - 6413543168
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