I Can Has Cheezburger?


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This Parrot Has a Long Conversation With Itself in the Mirror

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Someone Get This Parrot a Record Deal

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This Baby Parrot Could Totally Be in the Next Jurassic World

baby parrot looks like a dinosaur
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The Old Parrot In The Drawer Trick

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We Should All Start Off The New Year Like This Boss Cockatoo

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Now Entering The Competition For Man's Best Friend

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This Parrot Has a Clever Way of Getting Around Stairs

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Rainbow Connection

cute parrot image Rainbow Connection
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There's Nothing Like a Good Head Scratch

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Is That a Real Parrot or a Squeeky Toy?

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Maybe I Didn't Eat You, Quite As Often As I Should Have

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Chin Tickle

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Looks Pretty Good Though Really

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The Cracker Thief Remains a Mystery

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Yor Breff Smellz Liek Crackerz!

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It Was a Close Race Between This Guy and a Scooter and his Pet Parrot!

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