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A Fitting Tribute to a Royal Pup

a fitting tribute to a royal pup
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What a Meowsterpiece

animals court sir painting caption Cats - 8795282176
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Maccha the Cat Gets Her Very Own Painted Meowsterpiece

maccha the cat gets her very own painted meowsterpiece
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The Artist Captured Him Perfectly

dog and painting of himself
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A Work Of Bark

funny animal image of dog next to painting of the dog
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painting Video - 77044737

That Is A Patient Pup

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Life Imitates Bark

cute photo of dog smiling next to portrait of dog smiling
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Sounds About Right

art awesome cat painting wtf - 5480726528
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To Dream...

dreams painting tennis ball - 8448181760
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Stay Away From Me Human

pigeon birds painting - 8404668928
See all captions Created by echeg5
art painting Cats Video helping - 64997889

Let Me Help, I've Got a Feline-Design In Mind

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Can I Help You Paint?

Cats help painting - 8235365120
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Someone Seems Skeptical...

art painting skeptical - 8158644992
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He Thought the Bow Tie Would Cheer it Up a Bit

portrait painting funny - 8149238784
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Hoppy Little Trees

puns painting funny rabbits - 8013519104
Created by osotom

Chester and his Doppelganger

cat painting - 7809213696
Created by mlmessme ( Via cheezburger.com )