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36 cat memes | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Computer - Give your cat a place to rest ...other than your keyboard Give your cat the FLOATING JUDGMENT BOX to allow them to stare at your unfinished work from afar' and 'Font - A block fell on me and I looked up to see this...'

35+ Hilarious Cat Memes To Help You Laugh Through The Pain Of Finishing Another Meeting That Could Have Been An Email (August 23, 2023)

An hour of our lives gone forever
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13 pictures and 1 video of art and text | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Art - 1927. RENAISSANCE PURRITO DEPICTIONS' and 'Cheek - RENAISSANCE PURRITO DEPICTIONS'

'Artists Have Always Known That Cats Are Our Babies': Cute Cat Video Shows Hisstorical Purritos Throughout Art History (Pictures & Video)

Good to know that cat people haven't changed in 500 years
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twitter thread of weird paintings of cats | thumbnail includes a drawing of a cat wearing a rocket and one tweet 'Jaw - The Cultural Tutor @culturaltutor Thread of cats in art - the good, the bad, and the bizarre: Rocket Cat by Franz Helm of Cologne (1530) 19:z. 10:42 AM - Feb 24, 2023 2.1M Views ...'

Twitter Thread Of Cats In Art Throughout History: The Good, The Bad, The Bizarre, And The Absolutely Hilarious

Get ready, there is some weeeird stuff in here
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15 photos of cats painting on canvases and holding an exhibition | Thumbnail includes a picture of a tabby cat choosing the pain she's going to use for her painting and a picture of another tabby wearing a pizza scarf painting on a canvas

Two Picatsos Put Their Hearts And Souls Into Their Art & Hold An Exhibition For Display

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
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twitter thread about paintings of cats being spoon fed by humans throughout history | thumbnail includes one image of an old woman holding a bundled up cat and spoon feeding it and one tweet 'Chin - Cats of Yore @CatsOfYore Good news! I found a bunch of paintings of people throughout history spoon feeding cats like babies. First, this peasant woman with a cat, ca. 1640 - 1642. commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Davi... ALT 9:48 AM - Aug 26, 2022. Twitter Web App'

Twitter Thread: Paintings Of People Throughout History Spoon-Feeding Cats Like Babies

We have forever and always been whipped for cats.
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tumblr thread about the difficulties of painting with cats | thumbnail includes two pictures of a woman holding a cat one a part of a tumblr post 'Gesture - hellenhighwater Follow You get used to painting with only one hand. SIPALWN WY'

Tumblr Thread: The Difficulties Of Making Art With Cats Plus An Unexpected Twist

It's a real struggle.
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tweets of funny paintings of cats throughout history | thumbnail includes two pictures including a painting of a cat playing the organ 'Organism - weird medieval guys @WeirdMedieval ... cat playing the organ, belgium, 15th century 6:51' and a cat churning butter 'Carnivore - weird medieval guys @WeirdMedieval ... cat churning butter, germany, ca. 12th century +pten E Ego Heruo raniti xpret" rone con 1:57 PM · Apr 30, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 7,498 Retweets 661 Quote Tweets 61.7K Likes'

Ridiculous Paintings Of Cats Throughout History: Tweets Proving Cats Have Always Had Us Whipped

Actually ridiculous yet purrfect paintings.
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18 photos of rats and their paintings | Thumbnail includes two rats with two paintings 'This weeks paw paintings from my sweet ratties'

18 Photos Of Rad Rat Art Painted By Little Ratatouilles

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twitter thread based on landlord painting over a roach | thumbnail left tweet "my landlord painted over a fucking roach" thumbnail right image of painted over cockroach with top hat and cane tweet "hello my baby, hello my darlin, hello my ragtime girl"

Twitter Thread: Landlord Painted Over Roach Tweet Goes Viral And Inspires Comedy

Who on earth would have known that something as silly as a landlord painting over a roach could be so heckin hilarious and inspire so much comedy! This thread took Twitter by storm , inspiring every one from every corner of the interwebs to participate! We certainly would never have guessed that this tweet would garner SOO much engagement, but we loved seeing it! We might not feature cockroaches every day, but when we come across a scenario as hilarious as this one, we will make exceptions. Eve…
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viral tweets about Finland attempting to save reindeer by painting their antlers | thumbnail includes two pictures of reindeer with painted antlers and a tweet 'Light - Cullen Dudas ... @cullend TIL in Finland they use to have about 4,000 reindeer/ car accidents a year so they paint their antlers with reflective paint and this is vaguely terrifying macl 1:09 AM · Jul 11, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 49.9K Retweets 5,300 Quote Tweets 322.6K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Finland Attempts To Save Reindeer Using Reflective Paint

Right out of a metal album cover.
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twitter thread of paintings of cats destroying things throughout history | thumbnail includes two paintings of a cat eating a woman's dress and one tweet 'Human - Molly Hodgdon @Manglewood Good news: I compiled a brief overview of cats wrecking our stuff throughout the centuries. First, Two Young Women Wrapped in Yukata After a Bath. Kitagawa Utamaro, ca. 1796. metmuseum.org/art/collection... 4:09 AM Jul 4, 2021 · Twitter Web App 3,626 Retweets 296 Quote Tweets 9,214 Likes'

Paintings Of Cats Destroying Stuff Through The Centuries (Twitter Thread)

They have always been jerks lol.
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pictures of the Picasso bug thumbnail includes two up-close pictures of the Sphaerocoris annulus

Beautiful African Bug Looks Like A Picasso Painting

One of the rare bugs that we think are super beautiful.
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painting cats realistic cute zen peaceful awww animals adorable cat hosico youtube video

Masterclass: Learn To Paint Realistic Cat (Video)

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art drawings cats memes popular images drawing artist cat funny lol cute aww adorable digital painting | meme redraw cat being eaten by a toy fish shaped catbed

Artist Re-Creates Popular Cat Images In 100-Day Challenge

Interview with artist
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raccoons painting wholesome aww raccoon paint adorable cute tito piper cheeto animals | titotheraccoon Piper paintings!!! Piper is an up-and-coming artist. What do you think of her first pieces

Piper The Raccoon: Up-And-Coming Artist

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Cats in Renaissance Art | regal royal cat being dressed like kings by little baby angels putting golden crowns and cloaks on them and feeding them from plates

Japanese Artist Gives Cats The Regal Renaissance Art Treatment They Deserve

Cats in Renaissance Art
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