I Can Has Cheezburger?


And What is the Porpoise of This Ceremony?

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Two Happily Wedded Piggies

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When Your Spouse Finishes Your Sentences

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Truly a Groom's Best Friend

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Make Me the Happiest Cat on Earth

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It Wuz A Majical Momint... Til Yoo Kep Tawkin'

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Spud Helps His Best Bud Propose

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The Bride's Bark is Worse Than Her Bite

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Romantically Delusional Kitty is Delusional

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Can you say no to this face?

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Kitty Crashes Wedding

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Well, after all, you HAVE been spayed.

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They Never Last

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Guess I'm Stuck Now

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Wedded Bliss

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Lolcats: Wot duz nooturd meen mom?

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