I Can Has Cheezburger?


couple signing pet prenups

More Couples Are Signing "Pet Prenups" Before Marriage

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animal memes

15 Animals Who Are Struggling With Marriage Life (Memes)

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funny photos of dogs getting marries

These Dogs Are Getting Married And Their Wedding Photos Are Better Than Yours

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Hilarious posts from Twitter about the struggle in marriage

Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Marriage

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22 illustrations of every day life of artist and his wife - Cover cartoon of big pile of dishes after wire prepared cereal.

22 Witty Illustrations Describing Marriage Life Of Artist And His Wife

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Beluga whale photobombs a wedding at an Aquarium in best photobomb in history

A Beluga Whale Interrupted This Aquarium Wedding With the Best Photobomb Ever

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Definition of marriage

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Lady Bails on Her Arranged Marriage When Man Tells Her to Abandon Her Dog

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Dog Must Have Called "Shotgun"

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What have I done?

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I'm Not Sure You Want To Swaddle That Baby

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Welcome Back

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Guess Who's Sleeping in the Dog House Tonight...

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Every Happy Marriage...

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And What is the Porpoise of This Ceremony?

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Two Happily Wedded Piggies

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