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article about dogs and cats getting adopted with before and after pictures of the animals | thumbnail includes a before and after photo of a pupper

Power Of Love: Before And After Adoption Glowups

These pets are living their best lives!
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ICanHasCheezburger Facebook comments about their pets being affectionate | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat outside and a Facebook comment 'Plant - Therese Lier When i was depressed, had been deeply depressed for some months, my cat started nagging me relentlessy and i could NOT make him stop, finally i just left the apartment to get away from him. He followed and we ended up going for a long walk. The next night he did the same nagging until i took him for a walk. That became'

Most Heartwarming Things Pets Have Done For Their Humans: ICanHas Edition

They can be the biggest sweethearts <3
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wholesome story from reddit about a man finding love with the help of his cat | thumbnail includes a photo of the cat, Prince, and the text, 'When he finally responded I felt like my heart was going to explode. I had to convince myself to look at his message. He responded saying...'

Cat Helps Man Ask Out His Crush: Pure Wholesomeness Ensues

Do you believe in love?
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tweets of cats looking lovingly at their humans | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat hugging a person and looking up at them and one tweet 'Cat - why you should have a cat @CatsPics_ ... I want someone to look at me like this 9:19 PM - Oct 3, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 42.6K Retweets 2,002 Quote Tweets 263K Likes'

Cats Looking At Their Humans With Love In Their Eyes (Tweets)

So much love <3
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tumblr thread about a crane choosing a zookeeper as her new mate | thumbnail includes a picture of a man standing next to a crane 'Walnut immediately began paying special attention to Chris--and ignoring the eligible male crane in a nearby enclosure. Walnut initiated their courtship, performing the opening moves of a mating dance.'

Tumblr Thread: Crane Chooses Zookeeper As Her New Mate

A love story for the ages (?)
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video of a man reuniting with a cheetah after years apart | thumbnail includes a picture of a cheetah licking a man's face

After 2.5 Years Apart, Man Reunites With The Cheetah He Helped Raise (Video)

The most wholesome reuinion.
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pictures of animals showing love to humans | thumbnail includes a picture of a dog lying on a homeless child 'This image of a homeless child sleeping with her dog in Pasay City, Philippines touches the hearts of many. 11-year-old Renzy and her dog Princess. u/valentino3434'

Heartwarming Moments Capturing Animals' Love For Humans

Que the 'aww's <3
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tweets about a teenage emperor's diary entry where he brags about his cat | thumbnail includes a picture of a diary entry and one tweet 'Font - Shaenon K. Garrity @shaenongarrity ... Replying to @NeolithicSheep Here's the teenage emperor of Japan in the 9th century bragging about his cat, the first recorded instance of cats in Japan. On March 11, 889 CE, 17-year-old Emperor Uda wrote: "On the 6th Day of the 2nd Month of the First Year of the Kampo era. Taking a moment of my free time, I wish to'

Twitter Thread: A 9th Century Teenage Emperor Bragging About His Cat

Cat lovers have always been the same.
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discussion of how dogs express love from reddit 13 images | thumbnail blue background with text: have a 10 year old GSD/retriever mix that is not very affectionate. He is the polar opposite of a golden retriever. It took me a while to realize that he loves me just as much, just has a much more subtle way of showing it...etc

Discussion: How Less Affectionate Dogs Express Love And Appreciation

Hiya friends. Not all doggos are as cuddly and affectionate as some of us might hope, but it does not mean these doggos are not capable of feeling love and appreciation, they just have their own special way of showing it! Some doggos express their love through cuddles, some express it by following their human around while careful maintaining their distance, so as to not accidently be toughed or pet. Either way, the human is crucial to this equation! We believe that one of the best indications o…
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wholesome adorable heartwarming romantic Memes uplifting significant other love lovers funny animal memes animal memes - 15011077

12 Awwdorable Animal Memes To Send To Your Love

Hi friends. We hope you've come prepared today for a healthy dose of good old fashioned wholesome goodness. Today we have prepared for you an awwdorable compilation of lovestruck animal memes . These aww worthy memes are perfect for sending to your significant other to remind them how much you love and appreciate them! We have to admit, animal cuteness and romantic love comes together in the most heartwarming way in this compilation of meme-y goodness! Whether you want to remind your lover how …
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tumblr posts about clingy cats | thumbnail includes two tumblr posts 'Rectangle - ponceflower-blog Follow I have a video of my Torti, Little Miss doing exactly this. Padding after me and screaming in concern because l'm headed to the bathroom instead of continuing to snuggle with her in bed' and 'Rectangle - nightmaresorpromises Follow My cat literally just woke me up by sniffing my face to see if I was up and then she climbed onto my shoulder to stare at me all cute like hello human <3'

Clingy Cats Being Overly Affectionate To Their Humans (Tumblr Posts)

And people say cats are cold...
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video of a guy carefully getting an adopted rescued rabbit to trust it using carrots | thumbnail includes a picture of a bunny approaching a plate of carrots

Carefully Getting An Anxious Rabbit To Trust Its Adoptive Human (Video)

Slowly but surely <3
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collection of tweets about cats showing affection to their humans | thumbnail includes a picture of two cats and one tweet 'Cat - occasional_stan @OccasionalStan ... Replying to @won5ol One of my cats(the white one) almost always comes around when I'm crying. Idk how but he seems to know when I'm right about to, and he helps me. My other cat(the orange one) hates when people argue, and he sometimes meows really loud to distract people so they'll stop. 9:17 AM Jul 29, 2021 · Twitter for Android '

Heartfelt Tweets Of Cats Showing Affection To Their Humans

When cats love, they love hard.
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12 text images about dog appreciation | thumbnail left and right dogs with reddit text foreground

An Ode To Doggos And How Much We Love Them (Reddit Discussion)

We Do Not Deserve Dogs
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original ICanHasCheezburger animation about a dad falling in love with the new kitten | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten sitting on an angry dad's head and a dad taking selfies with a kitten

When Dad Secretly Loves The New Kitten (Original Animation)

He can pretend to hate it all he wants to...
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video of a goose watching and waiting for her mate to get out of surgery | thumbnail includes a picture of a goose being given air and another goose watching through the door

Concerned Goose Waits For Her Injured Mate To Get Out Of Surgery (Video)

They mate for life <3
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