I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a herd of elephants getting released into the wild | thumbnail includes a photo of the elephants getting released into the wild

54 Elephants Get Released Back Into The Wild (Video)

Look out!
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13 text reddit images and one cat image | thumbnailblue background, dark purple cat graphic on right, text "This also extends to bedtime, where he will spend most of the night being King of the Hill curled up on her belly or hip. He is very comfy and pleased to be there, that there is very little that would convince him to move."

Man Gets Petty Revenge On Hooligan Cat For Hogging His Pregnant Wife And Projectile Vomiting

Well that's a story you don't hear every day
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12 reddit text images, dog phrases to erase from existence | thumbnail blue background text "Freyhna · 6 days ago "Oh but I don't mind" there is a reason I don't want my dog to jump up on you and you allowing it/inviting her to do it is undermining me, my training, and confusing my dog. Ultimately I get to choose what behaviors are acceptable for my dog and jumping up on people is not one of them. Thi"s is for the ultimate safety of my dog and those around me.

Dog Owners Choose Common 'Dog Phrases' That They Want To Erase From Existence (Reddit Thread)

These phrases have got to go
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an assortment of adorable speech needs animals | thumbnail includes a photo of a sheep and a photo of a chimpanzee with down syndrome

Born Different: Special Animals Who We Love

So Adorable
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10 reddit text images, dog owner anxiety surrounding travel | thumbnail blue background dog graphic, plane graphic, text " notcleverenough111 · 6 days ago You just have to do your research, just like for a kid's daycare. Look for a staff training curriculum/certification, webcams, regular boarding updates would be nice, feeding process, what types of cleaning supplies they use, how they evaluate dogs to become a member and how the"

Dog Owners Discuss Minimizing Anxiety And Assuring Adequate Pet Care Before Travel

An important conversation
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13 reddit text images discussion dog training | thumbnail blue background with dog leaning graphic on right side, text "We've had our dog in training since last July (she just turned 1 this month), and the trainer is great and all, but there are some things he "teaches us" that really bothers me and I just kind of say "yeah ok" but don't actually believe in it; for example, he says dogs don't love you because they're binary beings and love isn't in their nature. huh???"

Trainer Tells Doggo Owner Not To Socialize Dog, Perplexed Dog Owner Seeks Advice

A legitimate discussion for dog owners everywhere
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13 reddit text images choosing generic looking dogs to adopt | thumbnail blue background text "My current foster is one of the shelters longest residents. Most of the "long-timers" are there for a reason. Dog reactive, can't live with kids, etc. But my foster is a near ideal dog for most households - crate trained, house trained, dog friendly, kid friendly, knows basic obedience, on the lower end of medium energy, no resource guarding, separation anxiety, etc."

Rescue Tip: Don't Overlook Generic Looking Dogs When Adopting, Reddit Discussion

Dogs are so much more than just pretty faces
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16 gifs and and reddit text images | thumbnail dog in field of yellow flowers with reddit text foreground

Kids Should Ask Owners For Permission Before Petting Dogs: Reddit Users Discussion

Geez louise
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video of oldest aquarium fish | thumbnail image of aquarium fish underwater

Meet Methuselah: The World’s Oldest Aquarium Fish (Video)

The oldest living aquarium fish
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a fascinating story about a dog that is a mix of 13 different dog breeds | thumbnail includes a photo of the dog being cradled in a woman's arms

Fascinating Rescue Dog Is A Mix Of 13 Different Breeds (Video)

What A Cool Combination
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video of sea turtle's underwater footage with commentary | thumbnail sea turtle underwater  intense image vibrant colors

Sea Turtle Films Surprising Underwater Discoveries (Video)

Underwater adventures
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a delightful compilation of pets at the pet store told through photos | thumbnail includes an iguana and a pet turtle eating salad

How Much Is That Lizard In The Window: A Look At Life Inside A Pet Store Through Photos

Such Cuties!
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a red panda is introduced to a new friend who provides her with a very interesting relationship | thumbnail includes a beautiful red panda peeking out through the foliage

Beautiful Red Panda Makes A New Friend (Video)

What will happen?
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video about discovery of mummified crocodiles | thumbnail image of mummified crocodile with people inspecting it

Mummified Crocodile Found In Classroom Floorboards (Video)

Field trip... to the floorboards?
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video of koala footage at night, men commentating on it | thumbnail close up image of koala on tree branch

Koalas Being Anything But Lazy At Night (Video)

These little guys are anything but lazy
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explanatory video why cats have vertical pupils | thumbnail animated image of cat face close up, bold large text "why do cats have vertical pupils" light green blend background

Why Do Cats Have Vertical Pupils: Explanatory TED Ed Lesson (Video)

Pawesome and educational
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