I Can Has Cheezburger?


22 pictures of cats and text and 1 video of cats and text | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Furniture - Chad Baker @Chad Baker_69 my cat just learned that he has ears' and 'Product - Chad Baker @ChadBaker_69 my cat just learned that he has ears'

Cats Are Evolving: Amazing Cat Video Shows Cute Kitty Recognizing His Own Ears In The Mirror And Gaining Self-Awareness (Pictures & Video)

This is pretty amazing
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collection of interesting cat memes and stories and pictures | thumbnail includes one meme of a cat sitting in a tiny tub 'Plumbing fixture - There's a TV show in Iceland called "Keeping up with the Kattarshians". It's a 24 hour live broadcast of cats in a tiny model house.' and a picture of a cat with two faces 'Bettie Bee was a rare "Janus Cat," born with two faces to a normal house cat in South Africa; lived 16 days in 2017'

17 Purrfectly Interesting And Highly Amusing Cat Facts, Memes And Pics

Impurrtant knowledge
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27 pictures of people and cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'White' and 'Glasses - Possibly the greatest image ever. 251-250'

27 Celebrities With Cats Proving That Everyone Has The Potential To Be A Crazy Cat Person

The list is full of surprises!
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Hooman Built Hissterically Cute Catio for Canadian Bengals, Jake and Juneau (Video)

Hooman Built Hissterically Cute Catio for Canadian Bengals, Jake and Juneau (Video)

We get why they're obsessed!
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26 pictures of cats and text and 1 video of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - NIGEL UPPED HIS CLIMBING GAME YESTERDAY' and 'Wood' and two comments including 'Font - _imnolo_ Orange cat in a tuxedo suit fr' and 'Font - cxntejas A true cathlete'

Cat Learns How To Scale Ceilings, Signaling The End Of Times For The Human Race (Pictures & Video)

Mission Impawssible
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22 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Hair' and 'Eye'

All About The Many Faces And Dangers Of The Pallas's Cat (22 Pictures)

Why not friend if friend-shaped?
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imgur thread about how much water cats should consume | thumbnail includes two cute and simple pictures of cats 'This time I’m going to talk about water consumption! Making sure your cat stays hydrated is a key component of keeping them happy and healthy, as it is a piece of helping to prevent medical problems like kidney disease or urinary tract infections'

How Much Water Should Cats Drink: An Informative Thread From 'Your Friendly Neighborhood Feline Behaviorist'

Impurrtant information
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50 funny cat memes and pictures of cats being hooligans and keeping life interesting | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange cat sniffing a broken white plate and mug and a picture of an orange cat sitting in a pot 'Rudy is why can't have nice things'

Big Caturday Dump Of Cats Making Life Interesting (50 Pics & Memes)

The party is here
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reddit thread about not declawing your cats | thumbnail includes one reddit post 'Font - Frosty-Net9303 6d DO NOT DECLAW YOUR CATS!! Advice ● ... DON'T DECLAW. It is NOT the same as clipping the nails. The procedure removes the entire first part of the knuckle, and makes it extremely sensitive/painful for cats to walk on certain textures, especially litter. There is no benefits for the cat to declaw, only harm. DO NOT DECLAW! EDIT: It should only be done when it's needed'

PSA: Reddit Users Explain The Importance Of Not Declawing Your Cats

There are other things you can do to prevent scratching.
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Mr. Kitters, the Adventurous Outdoor Cat, Shows What It's Like to be the Cutest, Meowiest Street Cat on the Block Through POV Footage

The whiskers and the toe bean view is just so adorable
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twitter thread about a woman who wanted to put down her cat because she was moving and a man stealing the cat from her | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - FESS Fesshole HOLE @fesshole I dated a woman for a few months when she got a job offer to move to another city. I was gutted as I loved her cat. Then she said she was just going to get him put down. He suddenly vanish from her garden. We had 14 brilliant years together and died sleeping peacfully on my lap. 7:25 PM - Sep'

Twitter Thread: Man Secretly Takes Cat From Girlfriend Who Threatened To Put It Down Because Of Moving

Do you think he did the right thing?
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viral imgur thread about the importance of playing with cats | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats looking at the camera 'Every feline, regardless of their age, should be engaged with play and other enrichment every single day... While there are many great things you can give to your cat to play with independently, there is no replacement for interactions with you, their human adrianontherocks'

Viral Thread: The Importance Of Playing With Your Cat And Some Of The Best Ways To Do So

Impurrtant to know.
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reddit thread about people stealing other people's cats off the street | thumbnail includes a screenshot of one reddit post 'Font - Mystisc. Tuxedo • 6d Stop 'adopting' random cats Advice Lately I see a lot of posts of people saying they found a cat random on the street. Most of the cats look perfectly fine with a beautiful coat and obviously well fed. And the comments are bombarded with people saying they should keep the cat. NO! Stop 'adopting' random cats who obviously'

Redditor Argues That People Shouldn't 'Adopt' Random Cats Off The Street, The Internet Debates

What would you do?
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video capturing a stray cat's day by having a video camera strapped to it | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat's paws from the cats point of view

Person Straps Camera To A Friendly Chatty Kitty: Experiencing A Cat's Day (Video)

We've always wanted to know, and now we do.
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viral thread about how to help cats deal with heatwaves and signs of heatstroke | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats chilling 'It’s HOT... A lot of people are worried about their pets, understandably.  So what are some things you should (or shouldn’t) do to help keep your cat cool, and what are signs of heat stroke and how should you respond adrianontherocks'

How To Help Cats Stay Cool In Hot Weather, Signs Of Heatstroke And How To Respond: Informative Viral Thread

Important to know - especially right now.
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13 reddit images, cats in heat | thumbnail image of two fluffy cats laying in heat with text "they're struggling in the heat, any advice?"

Concerned Cat Owner Turns To Reddit For Advice On How To Keep His Cats Cool In The Heat

Cats in heat
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